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  1. I have been using the 737-600/700 package, and last week I purchased the 737-800/900 after the installation I noticed a significant deterioration in the quality of the 2D panel. For example the text in thered and yellow warning lights to the left of the MCP is just a blur. I am also getting problems with some of the numbers displayed in the EFIS/MAP. All of this did not happen before the installation of the 737-800/900. Now it happens not only with the new 800/900's but also with the 600/700,s.Is this a texture issue? How can it be solved.ThanksJuan
  2. For some reason I am not able to program departures or arrivals into Heathrow. When I enter EGLL at Pos Init it works fine, but I do not get any runway, sids or trans information.Yesterday I enter a manual flightplan into the FMC from Charles de Gaulle to Heathrow. No problems with departing runway info at CDG. but I flew using the FMC until BIG, from there it was manual.I went to the DEP/ARR page and press the button to the right of EGLL destination airport I get no runway or sid information.Has anybody experienced this problem before?
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