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  1. Solved my activation issue. If i remember correctly my w10 had lower case p and m - once I changed them to upper case activaion went through. John
  2. My HD crashed on me and I have to reinstall to new computer but I lost my details and reset emails are not being received so completely stuck. Ive set up a new email for support but how do I access my purchases please? thanks john hewson
  3. Reinstalled as admiistraor, issue solved
  4. Hi Just bought new windows 10 computer and reinstalled the 737.. Everything fine but theres only 1 decimal point in the nav tune frequency so I cant tune to say 109.75. Am I missing something? Thughts appreciated John
  5. Closed down computer and manually restarted both computer and FSX and all now ok
  6. It was activated now doesnt give me the choice now I did uninstall after it wouldnt start the second time Thanks for superfast response.
  7. After a successful install and initial load when everything initialized properly I restarted flightsim (FSX) and now there are no gears and panels and the initialization message doesn't appear in the top left. FYI the NGX still fine..... Wondering what is happening? thanks John
  8. Been in the works for 40 years or so......
  9. The link appears to be broken; any chance off repairing it? John
  10. Everything goes back to default including trusted modules which all need re allowing. Very odd.
  11. Hi Not sure whats happening here but twice in the last month my FSX..cfg has reset itself to default. Since I keep a backup no big deal but just wondering what is going on - whether there's something I am doing by mistake? Welcome any thoughts. Thanks John
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