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  1. Solved my activation issue. If i remember correctly my w10 had lower case p and m - once I changed them to upper case activaion went through. John
  2. My HD crashed on me and I have to reinstall to new computer but I lost my details and reset emails are not being received so completely stuck. Ive set up a new email for support but how do I access my purchases please? thanks john hewson
  3. Reinstalled as admiistraor, issue solved
  4. Hi Just bought new windows 10 computer and reinstalled the 737.. Everything fine but theres only 1 decimal point in the nav tune frequency so I cant tune to say 109.75. Am I missing something? Thughts appreciated John
  5. Closed down computer and manually restarted both computer and FSX and all now ok
  6. It was activated now doesnt give me the choice now I did uninstall after it wouldnt start the second time Thanks for superfast response.
  7. After a successful install and initial load when everything initialized properly I restarted flightsim (FSX) and now there are no gears and panels and the initialization message doesn't appear in the top left. FYI the NGX still fine..... Wondering what is happening? thanks John
  8. Been in the works for 40 years or so......
  9. The link appears to be broken; any chance off repairing it? John
  10. Hi I am moving house next week and need to change internet provider and main email. Cant find a way on the website to change email ID. thanks John
  11. sorry didnt see that one - as u say dont need that sort of attitude but anyway now the library is back everyone can relaxJohn
  12. Amazing how threads get taken over by people trying to read in situations which arent there. All I did was bring to the attention of other members that I had a problem and I am more than content to wait until the situation is resolved. I dont think there has been any complaints made by anyone. And it is good to know one isnt alone when a problem starts. So let's get away from the cry baby issue please.The library is a very valuable source to the community and if I have to wait until the 23rd before things get put right I am happy to do that and if theres going to be subcsription I would support that as wellJohn
  13. thnx for the update - as for me I am just starting KLAX-EGLL with BAV so will check back sometime tomorrowJohn
  14. thanx for the confirmation its not just me - guess theres another server problem somewhere.i would be more than willing to pay a subscription for this library if i felt that would allevieate the contimual server probels we have experienced recentlyjust going to sit back for moment and see what happens - but frustrating that every weekend these days something cannot cope although i do accept heavy usage and a sign of how popular the hobby and this site have begome.john
  15. Hi allFor some time I have - along with everyone else - had slow download speeds at weekends due to the peak usage of the library. This I have got round by downloading at other times.Today for the first time in 4 years I am not even being allowed access to the library - the message coming back that I have not allowed cookies. Very odd as I allow them all and dont have any problems with places like flightsim.com pr my virtual airlines.I simply do not understand this situation and put it down to another sign of over use of the server. Would welcome some guidance here - really love the library facility but this is beginning to be a bit of a hassle.John
  16. Is there any way that the people who pirated the products can be banned from the PSS forums - even if it means ultimately that the reborn PSS manage their own support in another place a la Level D? Great shame that these people have have spoilt the hobby for us and caused the problems for PSS.I will fully support the new company and look forward to seeing it back as soon as possible. Well done guys!John
  17. Thanks for the comment Rob. All we can do is wait patiently until the status is clarified - but the support here on this forum is welcome in the meantimeJohn
  18. I am also looking for this repaint - it is not in the list of repaints available here either.Is there any reason why - now the company has folded and shown complete disdain to its customers in the process - that all their liveries cannot be uploaded to AVSIM as a permanent backup? You were kind enought to publish a list of the user edits a few weeks ago so this would be a help as well.In terms of intellectual ownership and copyright laws if a company takes our money then goes into liquidation who owns the right to these files? Shouldn't they be made available to the flightsim community who got ripped off? If they were it would encourage other companies who think they can treat customers the way PSS has done to hesitate before pulling the plug.This is not a rant - just a thought. I backed up all my files as suggested and did a test reinstall which worked perfectly. I didn't get round to buying the entire livery package for the 777-200 and never understood in the first place why we had to pay extra for these liveries. At least they discontinued this practice with the 757.John
  19. Rather red faced here!:-yellow1 The reason why I wasnt seeing the wilco 2D cockpit was that I was going to the Bombadier folder in aircraft selection which of course came up with the default 737 panel as I hadnt added any other panel here.Didnt read anything in the manuals and finally checked the entry under feelthere - bombadier and everything showed up fine.Gotta learn not to drink too much red wine when I am trying to sort out my new files.Apologies for bothering u Scoob.By the way I have bought the 737 and all the Airbuses and am more than happy with the results - but there I fly in more sober state LOLRegardsJohn
  20. 8.21 mbbut just deleted using add and remove and trying againjohn
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