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  1. Yes, in the Members Download section of the Level-D forum.
  2. I am not able to tell you now, probably it was a typo. Things are changing quickly. Today FS9 starts always at the first go, no matter if the internet cable is in or out. I can not really understand anything. :blink: :blink:
  3. Well, friends, I have new data for you to analize: I normally start FS9 with the internet cable disconnected. Today I forgot to unplug the cable, I double clicked on the FS9 icon and...voilá, FS9 started. So, the facts: 1.- Computer not connected to the internet: FS9 starts on the second attempt. 2.- Computer connected to the internet: FS9 starts on the first attempt. What's your opinion about it ? (Some weeks ago I made a massive W7 update, including Service Pack 1.)
  4. Ian, The last thing I remember to have installed is SWEET FX, some (not many) weeks ago. Have you also installed it ?
  5. W7 Fully booted. It does not make a difference launching via shortcut or exe file, FS9 only starts the second time. Well it is not a big problem, but could be a symptom of something wrong inside the program.
  6. Well, in the past this usually only happened after not having used FS9 for some days. But now, every time I start my computer and launch FS9 the sim does not run. When I open the task administrator I can see a "FS9-32 exe" there, consuming 0% of the processor. So, I cancel the task and launch FS9 for a second time...and yes, this time the sim opens and runs normally. (Windows 7-64 bit SP1 ) Any opinion about it ? Thanks.
  7. You got it !! It is now working in full screen.
  8. HP G62 Notebook Intel Core i3 M350 2.27 GHz RAM 4 GB Windows 7 SP-1 64 bit ATI Mobility Radeon Premium Graphics Direct X 11
  9. Nice this SweetFX, but it only works for me in windowed mode. How can you get it to run in full screen ? Thanks
  10. Wonderful document that one !PM your em@il adress and I will send you a copy.
  11. Dave,100% Agree with you: the PMDG 744 is simply the ONLY one.About Decission Height (DH). It refers to Precission Approachs (with lateral and vertical guidance), those are typically ILS approaches.Every runway with an ILS has an approved and published plate. There you will find the specific DH for that runway depending on the ILS category (catI, catII or catIII), the aircraft category and the minimum RVR (runway visual range). You will find the value of DH in BARO or RADIO altitudes (the use of autopilot and radioaltimeter is compulsory for catII-III approaches).Hope it helps.Jose Luis.
  12. Hi nameless,It has been written a lot about the NG spoilers...I'm afraid that the only way to not have any trouble with them is opening the throttle quadrant and moving them with your mouse. (Well, that works for me)Jose Luis.
  13. >Audun you mention that "the STAR's are entered in the DEP/ARR>page".>>Thanks for telling me. I didn't know that.>Well, the fact is that you don't "ENTER" a STAR in the DEP/ARR page, you "SELECT" one if there is any available for the particular runway you expect for arrival.Jose Luis.
  14. Thanks Audun, it was my mistake, that is the correct website for the ROUTEFINDER I was referring to.Jose Luis.
  15. Cliff,As far as I know, airways are named with a combination of letters and numbers (with a max of five). On the contrary, waypoints (VORs, NDBs or simple intersections)are named with a combination of letters only (with the same max of five).So, in your flightplan, you can guess that UW7, UA554, A554 and B24 are airways.The prefix "U" in an airway means that belongs to Upper airspace (above FL245).You can go to WWW.routefinder to get very clear flightplans where every waypoint or airway is detailed.Jose Luis.
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