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  1. ADF - You are right, the ADF is not tuning 10's. As a temporary work around you can open the GPS and select and enter ADF freq using the nearest pages. Transponder - I can switch my transponder to all settings and I am able to tune any frequ. DME - My DME is working and confirms the data in my GPS. If you are unable to tune your ADF at all (mine is only tuning 1's and 100's) I would say combined with your DME and Transponder switches not working, there might bit a problem local to your own install? Load another plane to see if you can tune the transponder and turn on the DME in that one and if so maybe you will need to re-install your DO228. UPDATE: http://www.avsim.com/topic/494944-how-to-set-adf-frequencies-tenths/ explains how to use the right mouse button to get access to 10's adjustment. I tried it and it works.
  2. Hi Wilson,I got FS2CREW 747 about 3 weeks ago and used it when you and I flew VHHH-VTBS the other night with no problems. BUT, when I first got it I had all the problems that you are having and it took me 35 odd frustrating hours of flying offline before I managed to crack it.The 2 killers I had were my FMC in keyboard mode and any Squawkbox windows "Active". As FS2CREW 747 uses keystrokes you have to get used to when the countdown timer is going to issue commands. If someone "Chats" with you in Squawkbox the focus goes to the chat window and if FS2CREW issues a keystroke at that time it will appear in your chat window (or FMC)I have now got the FS2CREW procedures running sweetley and can get through all the setups in about 7 minutes advancing the clock.How about we do a short flight (maybe the tutorial) together online and walk through what is going on at your end. (assuming it is not a install problem. If it is you can report back to Brian) You have my email address so let me know. RobertWA547
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