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  1. HiI am now nearing completion on my Beechcraft BE76 Duchess and require some critical, knowledgable (????) but also sympathetic (;)) beta testers.This is my first ever model and I, like everyone else I'mn sure, am completely self-taught from the excellent tutorials around the web.It has been built in Gmax and aimed at FS2004. I don't know if it would work in FSX (One thing that you lot might be able to tell me). I haven't built it because it is a particularly interesting aircraft but just because there wasn't one out there and I should be flying a real one soon. I haven't done the crashes bit and not sure if it needs a night texture.If you'd like to have a go at someone elses aircraft let me know and I will send the file.ThanksSF
  2. Hi again!!!OK - the model is coming along ok now however I have searched the tinterweb high and low looking for a tutorial or at least a clue as to how to put navigation, landing and strobe/beacon lights on my Gmax model. I understand that this can be done in Gmax or in the aircraft.cfg file.Which is the best method? I am tempted towards putting it all in the Gmax model if I can.Can someone point me to some instructions on what I should be doing to create, position and function aircraft lighting. Many thanks again in andvance - I am already eternally grateful to this forum for its excellent advice.SF
  3. Patrick, Bill than you both very much - I have traced it to the mirror button on the top row. I have finally skirted rounded it by (as I think was suggested?) cloning the left wing, then used the the top menu's Modifiers/Parametric Deformers/Mirror which seems to work. Its almost as if Gmax and FS have some compatibility problems!! :)Patrick - just to clear up, I wasn't applying a shadow to the texture - that was what FS9 did to the same top and bottom textures that I was using.Thanks again - now all I need to be able to do is be able to texture well and somehow get the textures to appear in Gmax as they do on the aircraft.....aaaagggghhhh. :) Thanks for all your help.SF
  4. Apologies - I have obviously not ben as clear as I should.All of the polys are textured. To explain the pictures:http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v638/Laf...hadingProb1.jpgThis is the wing viewed from above in FS9. The darker portion on the right is fully textured but just appears to be in shadow.http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v638/Laf...hadingProb2.jpgThis second picture shows the underside of the same wing (usually all in shadow) as you can see the underside of the polygons that were in shadow on the top surface are now very bright -whereas the rest of the wing is, correctly, in shadow.I think it must be something to do with using the mirror function but can't see any noticable differences with the parameters and views in Gmax.Thanks again in anticipation.SF
  5. Thanks for your reply, I'll now try to work out how to flip the inner face edges!!!!These are screen shots in FS9 - if I forgot to mention earlier, the wings appear fine in G-Max, it is only in FS9 that I have this problem.http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v638/Laf...hadingProb1.jpghttp://img.photobucket.com/albums/v638/Laf...hadingProb2.jpg
  6. OK - still battling through G-Max......On my first project I have started texturing but for some reason my right wing is too dark on top, and underneath it is brighter than the rest of the aircraft. I created the wing by mirroring the left wing and it is at the point of mirroring that the dark and light shadow effects seem to switch - however I can find nothing in any of the parameters that I can see that would affect this.The Flaps are fine but the aileron's shadow/brightness is also reversed. I'm sure it must be a simple button somewhere but I can't for the life of me find out what is causing this. Any ideas??? ThanksSF
  7. MickYep - the 'configure driver' option worked a little and has made it much better (not ideal but better) - certainly more workable now. I haven't used the Unwrap modifier as I seem to be able to texture it without - maybe that is my problem??? hahThanks very muchSF
  8. Hi, I hve been battling with GMax for a couple of months now and have nearly finished my first aircraft. It is now texturing time and - while I am having a little success I am quite frustrated by the quality of the textures that appear on Gmax while trying to fit them correctly. When the texture appears in FS2004 it is fine - but I can't accurately place the texture due to the exceptionally blocky textures in GMax. Is this normal or is there a cure??thanks in anticipationSF
  9. Thanks very much - it was there under my nose all this time - seems very involved for a farily simple effect - anyway, I will plod through itThanks again!
  10. HiIs there any way to add a transition (or a procedural approach) to an existing FS2004 airfield so that ATC will offer that approach?Thanks
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