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  1. Any chance on an update on FS2Crew for the 787?
  2. Hello there,It could be that you have turned off the auto rudder. Can you give us a little more to work with. Justin
  3. Sanal,Are you able to recreate the CTD? Does this always happen a long way into an ever longer flight?As a failsafe I use the auto save function in FSUIPC to save your flight. This function will save your flight to a file at a rate you decide. You can also decide how many saved flights you want. I use 5 files with a save every 5 min. FSUIPC will save your flight every 5 min 5 times. On the 6 time it will overwrite the first save. The next time you have a CTD, go to the saved flights and load one of the flights. Load the flight and press pause as soon as you are in. This will give you time to make sure that the flight deck is set up the way you want it. If you were using the FMC you will need to fly off track for a short distance and turn back (if you don
  4. Zachlog,I only know how to do this with a registered version of FSUIPC, available from www.simmarket.com. It
  5. Sanal,1. What version of FS are you using?2. What are your system specs? 3. What are you doing in FS at the time of the crash?4. Do you have any other programs running at the same time as FS?5. What add-ons do you have installed for FS?6. What version of FSUIPC are you using?7.Which PMDG aircraft do you have installed?If you answer the above questions we should be able to help.Justin
  6. Hello there,I have a suggestion which may not solve your problem but may just help us find out where things are going wrong. After passing 1
  7. James,Have a look at the following link. You may not have FSX but it will fix the reg problem.http://forums.avsim.net/dcboard.php?az=sho...id=121853&page=It would be best if you did not change the drive letter when you have programs installed on that particular drive. None of your programs will load as the registry will not recognise the drive path. If you have changed the drive back to what it initially was when you installed FS9 you should be ok, but only once you have run the repair tool mentioned it the link.Hope this helpsJustin
  8. Lefteris,Thanks for the reply. A little bit of patience goes a long way, on checking my normal email this morning I did get a replay from the Manager Customer/Technical Support. The problem is down to the fact that I used PayPal for the purchase. As this is done by E-check, it needs time to clear. Not to sure how long this will take, but all seams to be in order.My service provider stopped the automatic reply from coming through but did not stop the official reply
  9. Lefteris, Michael,I have the same problem. Today I recieved the initial email from PMDG with the link to the site to generate the license. It would not do so on the grounds of an incorrect email address. I sent an email to support and did not get an automated reply. I resent the email via hotmail and still did not get an automated reply. Is the server down?RegardsJustin
  10. mucflyer,You must have Advanced Animations selected in the FSX menu for the slat/flap visuals to work. Have a look at this link,http://ops.precisionmanuals.com/wiki/PMDG_...nced_AnimationsRegardsJustin
  11. Ryan, et al,If I may I would like to try and squeeze a little more information out of you about the Go-Flight interface software. As Christmas is fast approaching I thought it would be a great plan to try and get my better half to share to cost of this great piece of kit. I am happy enough with your post above saying that the PMDG team will get round to it when they get the chance. My query is a cost based one. Should I purchase the hardware and the PMDG interface for use with FS9 will I then have to pay another 99 Euro when the new driver is released for FSX? If I wait can the driver be used with both FSX and FS9? RegardsJustin
  12. Good evening from Bristol,I have used the email link to log into the PMDG download site and have successfully started downloading the new 747 for FSX. When the download gets to 3.99MB the download box reports that the download is complete when it obviously is not. I have tried this twice on my desk top and twice on the laptop (each with diff virus/firewall software). I think this may be due to the high load on the servers right now with half the sim world trying to download the Queen. Is any one else having the same problem?RegardsJustin
  13. Fredo,Welcome to the forum. You mention in your post that you adjusted the weights in mid flight. How did you go about doing this? Sorry if I am teaching you to suck eggs, but you can't use the FS9 Fuel and Load manager with the PMDG 737. If you are, this could be why you are having the problems. Always use the PMDG Load manager prior to starting FS9. Justin
  14. Dave,FMC User Manual 12 - 53 FMC Manual OperationsFind the actual runway heading from an approach chart (118.10 with a heading of 310) type the following into the scratch pad, 118.10/310 press the L6 button to up-select the freq/hdg then press the L4 button to load into the FMC. That
  15. I will second this, I suffer from the same problem.Justin
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