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  1. "Scoob, Thanks for the suggestion!"Oops, I meant Martin :oops: !PARADISE wrote; Ah, I wondered about that. Ok, I guess a rolling run-up it is then. Anybody know if this "issue" has been addressed in FSX?Cheers...........Smokin256
  2. Scoob, Thanks for the suggestion!I didn't see that entry way down at the bottom there. Anyway I tried bumping it up from the default of 0.64xxxxx to 1.64xxxxxx in .2 increments and it doesn't seem to make a bit of difference. Do you happen to know how much you have to bump it? Or can bump it??Thanks again!Cheers............Smokin256
  3. Scoob, Thanks for the suggestion about traffic tools. I had done a search for "Traffic" and such hoping to find a solution and saw mention of traffic tools but I was under the impression that traffic tools could not decompile the existing traffic .bgls but could only compile a new one. And that's way beyond the scope of what I want to get involved with. But maybe I misunderstood and that's only with the newest version and FSX?Thanks for the suggestion about the Flightsim.com forums. I do plan to make a post over at the Flight One forums because I have some other C152 specific questions to ask.Thanks again!Cheers.............Smokin256
  4. Greetings all!I've got some random questions about FS9.First I use the default traffic & have no real problems with it. But one thing I'd like to change is the ratio of Cessna Grand Caravans to Caravan Amphibians. In-game in the mix of traffic around the PNW where I do most of my flying I seem to see about 90% Caravan Amphibians & 10% Grand Caravans. I'd like to switch that. Around here in real life I almost never see a Caravan Amphibian. But I see Grand Caravans all the time. (At least I assume that's what I'm seeing flying in & out of PDX all day). Is there a simple way to make a change like that?The second and third questions involve brakes. I mostly fly the F1 C152 or the Real Air citabria. And in both those planes (And I believe the default C172 as well) the brakes won't hold during the run-up. At 1700rpm the aircraft always creep. This is using toe brakes in my pedals, or the parking brake or ".""," . I don't fly in real life....Yet! but it's my understanding that if the brakes won't hold during the run-up it's off to the repair shop with it! Am I wrong? or is this true to life? Is this just a trait of FS9? Or is there some tweak that can be made? I've tried every parameter in the aircraft.cfg that looks promising and tried adjusting the braking power entries in the .air file with aired to no avail.Also it seems to take an inordinate amount of power to taxi in the sim. It feels like the brakes are dragging or the main wheels are aligned like an Indi car. As I said I don't fly in real life but everything I've read seems to indicate that 1,000 rpm should be plenty of power to taxi. And I think it would be in the sim too if the brakes weren't dragging. Are there any real life pilots out there who can shed some light on the subject for me? Any tweaks that anybody knows of?The fourth and fifth questions are on the subject of gauges. In the VC I like to adjust the various instruments like the altimeter, VORs, heading indicator and the like by mousing over the hot spot & then using the mousewheel to make adjustments. The problem is that when using TrackIR the gauges default to moving in large increments. Like 10 degrees for the VORs and heading indicator and .04" for the altimeter. I can make them work in 1 degree or .01" increments if I pause TrackIR (or in the case of the Citabria zoom in to 1.5). Does anyone know of a way to make them default to the fine control at all times?Also in the Flight one C152 they have a tach. in the left side of the instrument panel just below VOR1. You can right click on the gauge and replace it with VOR2. I have looked at numerous cockpit photos of C152s and none have a tach in that spot. They may have any number of different nav instruments in there or they may be empty but no tach. Is there a way to make it default to VOR2? I looked through the panel.cfg but the solution did not jump out at me.That's enough for now! If your still with me at this point thank you for reading! :) And thanks in advance for any and all suggestions!Cheers..........Smokin256
  5. But Willy, He's not flying, He's sitting on the runway. One thing I don't understand is why is ASv6 showing winds aloft info for FL030 and FL060 for Santa Fe? Santa Fe is at over 6,000' elevation. There should be no winds aloft info for those flight levels for Santa Fe. Is it interpolating those figures since it must display them anway? Sorry to butt in here but I'm brand new to ASv6 and having some similar problems myself and just trying to get a handle on how things work.One thing I wonder is, Frank, How long have you been sitting on the runway in those shots? I find that it takes a good 5 minutes before all the different parts of the weather gets loaded on my system.Cheers...............Smokin256
  6. Also be aware that if you use trackIR or Active Camera or some other view system you have to disable it first or the alternate doors & such won't work. Same with the "push-back & turn" functions and the fine control of instrument knobs & such.Cheers.........Smokin256
  7. GaryGB wrote;"You might reach Holger quicker by talking to Clark Kent... he seems to have a way of contacting... er, ah, I guess I meant to say that although your post will no doubt be of interest to some here in this general MSFS forum, you may elicit a scenery related reply from His Uber-ness more directly by posting a copy of this into the AVSIM scenery design forum at: http://forums.avsim.net/dcboard.php?az=show_topics&forum=123And also perhaps more specifically at Holger's Freeware Forum at: http://forum.simflight.com/viewforum.php?f=231Hope this helps you!:-)"Thanks Gary, I'll do that. I looked through the various readmes in the package for any reference to a "home" forum but didn't see anything so I thought I'd try here. I didn't know he had his own.GaryGB wrote;"PS: Anybody figured out a way yet to use the networkable multiplayer subsystem of FS to get an image of a maple leaf projected onto the clouds in everyone's copy of FS by a virtual spotlight to alert Holger to a tech support crisis (kinda like was used to summon Batman)? I think that would be really cool! :D "Lol! Great idea! A sort of a virtual "HELP ME MISTER WIZARD!!!".Oops, I'm dating myself! :)Cheers................Smokin256
  8. Greetings! I love the columbia river gorge scenery! Love the waterfalls, Dams, bridges and everything about it. I'm having a problem with UTUSA outside the coverage area now though. I applied the CRG update, then the UTUSA compatability fix and that has cured the doubled roads and coastlines within the gorge itself ok. But now I have no major or residential roads outside the CRG coverage area. Specifically no enhanced roads south of Oregon city at all. Have I done something wrong in my install? Can I disable the CRG enhanced roads inside the gorge area and reinstate the UTUSA ones? and if so will the bridges and overpasses remain and still line up?Second problem, The Stearnwheeler Columbia Gorge traffic file causes the master switch in all the aircraft I've tried to become disabled with no way to shut it off. and also causes the com radio to always be on with no way to shut it off. does anyone know of a fix for this? I'd love to have the Stearnwheeler in there but I can't use it this way.And finally a couple of little bug reports. Forgive me if this has been covered already but there is an anomoly in the mesh just west of Rooster rock. The sky seems to be showing through. Here's a screenie of it;Also the bridges in the town of lyle are in disarray. It looks like there's been a major earthquake in the vicinity! :)BTW I love your treatment of Chamberlain lake there. I've spent many days down there baking in the Columbia gorge sun while flyfishing for carp. I can almost see 'em tailing on the flats there! :) But you need some wind surfers and kite boarders off that spit of land there by the bridges, zipping back & forth across the river! :)Cheers..............Smokin256
  9. Johan_Dees wrote; Hehehe! Yeah, those six .303 machineguns would have come in really handy right about then! :)Somehow giving the AI pilot the ol' "up yours" on the way by just wasn't quite the same.Hey btw, I want to thank you for a tip you gave to someone else on flightsim.com. The tip about VIRTUAL_COCKPIT_TEXTURES_SCALE=2.0. Using that tip made the virtual cockpit of the Flight1 C152 absolutely come alive! I liked the airplane before but the gauges seemed so muddy. Now they're as crisp and clear as I could posibly ask for! This is great! I had planned to register on flightsim.com so that I could thank you there for the tip. Now I can do it here! So thanks! :)Cheers............Smokin256
  10. Thanks Alex!I was afraid that might be the situation. Oh well, I'll just have to work around it. On a more positive note. It did happen again last night, but this time It was a Caravan waiting on the ramp. I was following another Caravan that landed just ahead of me. And even though the other Caravan had cleared the runway long before I touched down the one on the ramp still waited for me. So I guess there is hope yet.:)Cheers..........Smokin256
  11. Greetings all! I'm quite new to MSFS and to civil flight sims in general. Have been involved in various WWII and Korea sims for some time. Most recently Battle of Britain II Wings of Victory.Last night I was flying into an untowered airport when an AI King-Air decided to taxi into position for take-off right in front of me as I was on short final. (I did hear him announce his intentions to take off so I know I was on the right freq.) This was right after I had announced "on final". I guess my question is, is this a common occurence in FS9? or could it be because I was not as diligent as I could have been on my position reports? (I did miss the report on my turn to base.) The reason I ask is that I may not see this again for another month and a half or so. I did a search in the forum here but it seems that no matter what I enter into the seach function it gives me about a thousand threads, none of which have anything to do with my "problem".Thanks in advance for any help!Cheers............Todd "Smokin256" Connelly
  12. guyjr wrote; He he, you're right of course. Do you ever have that little voice inside that's doing its darndest to keep you from doing something stupid? But you're like "shut up little voice! I know what I'm doing"! Well I really need to listen to it sometimes. Thanks for the heads up.Cheers...........Smokin256
  13. Hi CFO!Well, firstly you would want to turn to your left. How sharply you would want to turn would depend on several factors. How far away are you from the VOR? How much is the needle deflected? what's the wind speed and direction?. But first things first. since you are on a course of 270 I assume that is the direction of your intended destination. If that is the case then you would want to dial in a course of 270 on the course card to intercept the 090 radial not 090. That's why it's called a "Course Deviation Index" and not a "Radial Deviation Index" (Not trying to be a smart a** just trying to make a point :) ). Since the to/from arrow points "to" that means the station is in front of you. Now, if your 10nm away from the station and the needle is deflected fully then it could be anywhere fom your 9:30 psoition to your 11:30 position so you should probably make a 90 degree left turn to a heading of 180 to intercept the radial as soon as posible. If you are 75nm from the station and the needle is deflected only a couple of dots or 4 degrees then it's almost directly ahead of you and you could get away with making only a 30 degree left turn. Assuming that is that you don't have a strong wind from your left and don't already have a 30 degree wind correction factor.Cheers............Smokin256
  14. Hello Nicholas, I noticed this too. It seems that RealAir decided to move the eyepoint around a little. I would imagine to give their version a little more of its own personality. It also makes a gap show up in the tail area when you look back over your shoulder.All you need to do is go into your Flight Simulator 9/aircraft/c172 folder and copy the [views] eyepoint figures from your c172 aircraft.cfg and paste it into your RealAirC172 aircraft.cfg file. It's a little more than half way down in the file. RealAir has a set of figures that is marked as default and then commented out but they are not the true default either. An alternitive would be to just tweak these numbers a little bit until the problem is gone.Michael, I've been wondering about the Flight1 C172. Is that aircraft more fully modeled than the default one? I found that if you raise your seat in the default C-172 the nose is completely missing :-roll ! Now I realize that the pilot in a C-172 sits well back from the windscreen and with the sloping nose profile of the C-172 not much if any of the nose would be visible in normal flight but with the seat raised and the pilot leaning forward I'm sure some of it would be visible.Cheers...............Smokin256
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