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  1. melb00m

    Bojote's Shader 3.0 mod for FSX

    It works now... I uninstalled and reinstalled twice, now it looks okay and frames are indeed better! Thank you.
  2. melb00m

    Bojote's Shader 3.0 mod for FSX

    Hello *******,let me first say a huge thank you for all your work on this and the other FSX tweaks! I've just switched to FSX an it has been very helpful!I also just tried your Shader 3.0 mod, but unfortunately, it gives me trouble. I do in fact get (a lot) higher FPS than before, but the water movement effects are extremely fast. After removing the mod everything was back to normal. Is this a known issue? I have an ATI 6970M video card with 1 GByte of memory.Thank you,Martin
  3. melb00m

    Center of Gravity

    If the autopilot is able to do it, you should be, too.Did you check your takeoff trim setting?
  4. Digital Aviation is also working on a Fokker, which is already in Beta phase and shouldn
  5. Just for your information, the Condor 753 livery seems to be missing as well in the flight-simulator aircraft menu.
  6. Alright, now I see what you mean. This one really seems to be missing on the PSS model.- Martin Buchheim
  7. melb00m

    Few Problems

    Norman,will you make those fixed files available as a standalone/zipped download or will we have to download the whole package again?- Martin Buchheim
  8. Hi Niko,as said in the FXP board, I have all switches in the right position and exactly as in the shots from the real overhead panel. Maybe you should send a screenshot to clarify that problem?!- Martin Buchheim
  9. melb00m

    Frame rates with the 757

    I found out that the fps problem occurs as soon as you open the VC for the first time... And if you look to the side, the VC is loaded. I have a frame drop from 20 fps (locked) to 8-10fps as soon as I do that. Afterwards, frames stay low even when I switch back to the 2D panel :(P4 3,4 GHz1,5 GByte RAMGeforce 7800GT 512 MB