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    bojote's fsx.cfg file

    LOD_RADIUS=3.500000 ?
  2. I'm running Win 7 RC x64 had the crash.Seems to be fixed by just copying my Vista x64 c:\windows\System32\UIAutomationCore.dll to the Win 7 x64 main FSX dir C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator XAt least it has not crashed since I made the file copy,I did not need to register it or copy it anywhere other than the FSX dir?AS per:http://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums...26-f2ed6fbeae97
  3. jackcnd

    1080p LCDs

    I've tried it on a 52" Samsung 81 series set... amazing with Samsungs local led lighting,have a plasma now and dont use the PC with ituntil the break in period is over.One thing to note is any AA or shimmering issues are magnified in size, but its still great.About 4-5 feet back seems ideal for FS on a 52" set.Another fun flight is to use a 1080P projector with FSX !Hook up is easy, just used a DVI to HDMI cable.
  4. Overclock it and you'll get a smooth 2.4 !
  5. Holgers and Jon's would look like this: :)
  6. Yes, MS insists that the real world is wrong :)I hope someday Holger and Jon will offer a Banff Plus FSX that includes Calgary.
  7. Its like getting a new sim at least for the Banff area in the Rockies.See this new shot with GEX Enhanced + SceneryTech Landclass + UTX http://www.pbase.com/jackcnd/image/92867058/originalCompared to my original FSX setup.http://www.pbase.com/jackcnd/image/68141972/originalSeems the landclass and the new textures in GEX are making a night and day difference,adding the snow capped peaks and rocky mountain terrain.
  8. Noticed your settings have:Mesh Res at 1mTexture Res at 7cmIt's my understanding, there is no mesh or textures available at those high resolutions. It would only tax your system to set them so high, but get no gain.Try:Mesh at 38m or 19m ( if you have 19m mesh)andTextures at 1m That should allow you to up your autogen to dense or higher.
  9. Will the 2nd GPU on the X2 will help in FSX?The memory bus is just 256 per chip, which Phil suggests is not the best for FSX?
  10. I missed the pics but would be very interested to see them, Im sure others would too.Could you post again maybe the screen shot forum?or maybe a link to them somewhere else, www.pbase.com will allow you to open an account for free and post pics.thanks!
  11. >This should be stickied in the "FSX Tweaks" forum!>>--JamesYes indeed, great fix, that flashing was very annoying.
  12. See Phils comments, he suggests for FSX the 8800's with a larger memory bus perform best.http://blogs.msdn.com/ptaylor/default.aspxGood 256 bit ... 8800 GT, 8800 GTS 512MBBetter 320 bit ... 8800 GTS 640 MBBest 384 bit ... 8800 GTX, 8800 UltraYour 8800 GTS 512 is a very nice card for many games, but the 256 bit memory bus might be an issue with FSX and with larger resolutions 1920x1200 + .I'd be interest in seeing FSX benchmarks for each of them to see just what the differences are...
  13. General Best Flight Sim machine comments:Now, the dual core CPU to build a system around is a e8400 3Ghz stock with 6mb cache.With the right MB and ram, it will overclock to 3.4 very easy and 4.0 Ghz with effort.Read some user reviews.If cost is not a concern, a quad QX9650 is the one, which most seem to hit 4Ghz on air.For a GPU the 8800GTS 640 SSC 320bit, or GTX / Ultra seem best at 384bit.Not the 8800GT, or 8800GTS 512MB which have a lower 256bit memory interface. What you want for FS is a larger memory bus interface, at least according the FSX team leader.See http://blogs.msdn.com/ptaylor/default.aspxWill that meet your specific FS9 needs, dont know, but its the best CPU and GPU you can buy now for Flight Sim,and just about anything else.
  14. In Vista:After changing the file details as above,Try renaming...C:UsersVistaAppDataLocalMicrosoftFSXShadersMiscSeems to work perfect Vista 32 DX9, what a great fix, thanks!!!
  15. Just not worth upgrading a p4 as they can only be upgraded to p4s.3.2 P4 was about the fastest they offered anyhow.If you move to a new Intel e8400 at 3Ghz it will be about 2x-3x as fast as your P4!You'll need a new system, motherboard, ram, video card too, but it will be worth it, and you can keep the old PC too.