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  1. Woops.. Found a stupid mistake and just solved all my problems. LOL
  2. I have been making a gauge and have everything working except for one thing. A power button. I know this sounds silly because I was able to do much more complicated tasks getting the gauges working but a simple bool on off switch has got me pulling my hair out. I have tried for like 3 days to get this working.Here is my Select case statement for the graphics...98.000,140.0000.000True0.000TrueHere is the mouse area for the click event to triger the select case statement following what I thought was the tutorial.0.000,0.000146,22698.000,140.00040,66HandPower ButtonLeftSingleThen here is the visibility statement for the data.(L:Running,bool)Can anyone give me any ideas on what I am doing wrong ?
  3. Let me rephrase that then. Forget the landing lights.Is it possible to make an effect that produces light and shines it on the ground that can be connected to a control and used as a landing light ? Forget the fx_landing.fx
  4. So it's not possible to make a custom effect file that will shine light onto the ground and link it to a control?
  5. ok I have tons of planes for FSX now however one thing that bugs me is most of the stuff does not have working landing lights. Now I know where the code in the CFG file is to place the light but how do I add the light that gets displayed onto the ground so I can see the ground at night ?
  6. Odd I have the x52 also and have had great results with the software. I didn't use the config for 2004 but made my own programming using the software. My flights are now much more realistic. The one thing I have had to get use to with FSX though is now planes tend to try and turn into the wind on takeoff.
  7. >I think I probably owe people an apology for making available>these modified textures while failing to accompany them with>any pictures. No need to apologize in my opinion. I downloaded the textures backed up my old textures and installed your textures so I could view them. BTW I am impressed with your textures and love them. Keep uo the great work!
  8. I am trying to learn to make some custom AI flight plans in FSX and I am having problems figuring out the zulu times.I have created some custom aircraft types and flight plans but I can't seem to get the flights to show up.Example of my custom aircraft:BE58-5,Beech Baron 58 Paint1,200,40,120,1,661,4000,HARD,6,RAMP,50,no,noExample of my custom flight plan:BE58-5,NVA58,10,ONE_HOUR,IFR{0600,KHOU,4,10630,KHPY,4,1}I thought this would start the flight at 0600am for a simple 9minute flight but the flight never seems to work.Question: I did alter the min flight distance to 1 mile and don't think that has anything to do with it. The default is 50 miles. I think it has something to do with my zulu times but nothing explains what zulu times are so I'm not sure I am telling it the correct time to take off from each airport.Thx for any help anyone can give me with this.
  9. New question for all you control experts.I am trying to create a new control for the engine mixture on the 172. I know how to get the percent for the mixture control however I seem to be having problems figuring out how to set the mixture.I have tried several different ways to set the mixture with a mouse click on a knob control.65.000,20.00015,25UpArrow(A:GENERAL ENG MIXTURE LEVER POSITION:1 percent) + (K:KEY_MIXTURE_INCR)LeftSingle+LeftReleaseI just wanted to make it work like pressing the key shortcut but know I'm not doing something right.Thx for any help anyone can give in helping me learn this stuff.
  10. I have about 4 graphic editors that I use and am proficient in them I just can't draw. However I am still having problems with the ACE.EXE program to edit XML files.Adding any image seems to crash the thing for some reason but when I make the .cab file it works just fine. I just have no way to preview with images for setting up mouse clicks and stuff like that.The odd thing is if I change the folder name and use the same art path then it works till I add another image and then I have to change the folder name again or it will crash on the new image.Anyone got any ideas on this error ?
  11. I ran into a new problem today with trying to add bmp images for my new gauges. I have the art directory path correct however when I try to preview the control in the ACE tool the tool crashes and the area where my new guage should be is yellow.If I make a cab file from the control it works just fine but I can't seem to get the preview to work so I can adjust for mouse clicks on the image.Any ideas what might be wrong ?
  12. Woops... Didn't see that I spelt it wrong in the post but the "gauge" information is correct in my xml file. :-)Thx for all the help on the math phjvh. I was more concerned with how to line up my pollygon in the circle but I was able to figure it out on my own. The math for the degree setting was a big help also though because I hadn't figured out what varible to subtract for the magnetic variable. I now have a working wind gauge! :-)Now if only I was a better graphic artist to make them look good. *:-*
  13. Hi all! Since FSX came out I have been playing with the SDK to see what I can do. I have made a few guages but they are still just basic designes. I am now getting into more advanced designes but need some help with how to make one.I am making a guage that displays the wind direction and speed. The wind speed is working however for the direction I just drew a circle and am trying to rotate a pollygon inside for the direction of the wind. I have gotten it to rotate however it does not line up with the wind direction and will not stay inside the circle. I know it's an error with my rotation and the placement of my pollygon but im not sure how to fix it.Here is my current XML code. Thanks in advance for all the help<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>AceXML DocumentAircraftData5.xml0.000,0.000110,8037.000,20.000Arialgold11WindCENTER100,16True70.000,40.00013524darkslateblueblack42.000,44.000Courierred16%((A:AMBIENT WIND VELOCITY, knot))%!03d%CENTER90,16TrueCENTER5.000,8.00030black1blue10.000,10.000red20.000,32.00025.000,4.00031.000,32.000SYSTEM_ELECTRICAL_PANELSFreeze0.000,0.000Courierred16%((A:AMBIENT WIND DIRECTION,degrees))%!09d!80,13True
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