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  1. Hi, with the permission of Gerard I uploaded the Belgium 2012 in the version fixed (Limburg) to mega. The upload are the data used by me not the original downloads. But the scenery works fine on my machine. I made 6 parts using 7zip and using the 7z format. So you had to use an programm like 7zip or IZarc. 5 files with each 700 MB, the 6. last file has 34.1 MB: https://mega.nz/#!4gQ3XLiK!dmfefV8WGZuH70XOU7v29gk4tQQYTBollGxypJltXYg https://mega.nz/#!RxBm3A5A!L4978CzRSreQW_xJ6G7pfJA1Rmw07Gwhh9BOYq908so https://mega.nz/#!94olWZaT!alCVZJarbUtQQ7DVZHVWUmEezlymLTvzjo5DPiJqJjI https://mega.nz/#!clBExSRL!I4Dt1TF4chqDxYjkJk3ysBda5St4zvRv4jEJLSOCgVM https://mega.nz/#!t8oFSBpQ!E6-x8RkrhlBB2QkTabOpvSxX2hvZJ8GQ9y-qhG4-hwg https://mega.nz/#!ZhZnBQQY!_WXchzbdtII2vehbpmS6jxD53ZZ3qP9UNbm83cKGvsM Download all 6 parts and put in in one directory and use 7zip for unpacking. There is autogen in the texture-directory included but I doesn't use it and I don't remember if its part of the original files. An actual version see the post above. Brussel in hd from Gerard you can find here: https://mega.nz/#!Z0xyBZAD!E2wKtsMCKF87c05ANU9t2c1TtiRo6jBzhP_YB89hE1g Unpack it an put this scenery above the Belgium 2012 scenery in the scenery.cfg Hope that this links are valid some time... By the way. I found moreover a download posibility for the other old Belgium/Luxemburg Fotoscenery of Waffleflight Pro from the End of 2011. You can find it there: The resolution is not so high (less data), but when I remember right the lakes and rivers are modeled as waterbodies.
  2. great work, thanks a lot for this. I have the 2012 Version. Is there any change? For hosting Mega is another way for fast up- and downloads. Until now its going on there...
  3. Nick, the same problem here. But I use win10 on 64bit. I made a ticket twice, no reaction. But until now you can buy the product.... No reaction is no reaction, thats no service, but it's seem to be a normal consumer treatment with us... Can anyone help us? Have anyone the patch? Or other idea? Paying for nothing is a litlebit frustating
  4. so fast, thats hard I feel with Tom's family
  5. I don't understand the problem. To much Chile??? Not enough Chile!!!It wood be the same when I would say, oh, man, so much Boeing-planes in the library, I don't like Boeing, please stopp it...There is someone doing a lot of work for the comunity here and you are complaining about that you have to scroll to much? Incredible! Here is the solution for you: Look in future at http://walhalla.mine.nu/fsx.php for new scenery.But be carefull, also there is a guy, who makes all the work for you...Rainer
  6. it is no one year ago that the incredible project of David started. If you have downloaded all the 1023 packs (40 GB!!!) you will see this:http://meshwelt.me.funpic.de/forum/FS07_19667.jpgIt is the biggest Fotoscenery ever made, from the island Chiloe in the south until the desert Atacama in the north, about 2000 km long and until 400 km wide! It is half Chile and half Argentina, the border is going through the Andes in the middle of the scenery. I made a jubileeflight through all the scenery. You can find my screens here in a flash show:[url/]http://flusi.flyawaysimulation.com/chile640.swfIf you didn't like flash here the same as html-File:[url/]http://flusi.flyawaysimulation.com/Chile/index.htmlAll this as freeware! Thanks a lot David!!!!Rainer(a great fan of this scenery living in germany...)____________
  7. Hi all,first: TileProxy is realy a great step forward for us simmers. The whole world fotoreal, it's real real! Christian thanks a lot for this incredible tool!I have a question about screenshots: It's a problem to public screens or not? It seems that the very great shots from Christian aren't available on flickr any more. Are there any copyright-problems or not? Aerosoft with his APS (Aerosoft Photoscenery) using although Google Earth trictly prohibit to public screenshots. Any idea?Rainer
  8. Hi Joaquim,we discussed the same problem in a german forum at www.flugsimulator.de. So I sended a email to Pablo form CanarySim. The answer was coming very fast: He told me, that the project is going on, but that they don't have enough time for it. They moved from La Palma to Madrid...They will restart the website soon and in a few weeks they hope to have good news for us.I'am very happy about this because the Fotomesh of CanarySim is one of the best that I know! :9 Here you find my screenshots: http://flusi.flyawaysimulation.com/html/kanaren.htmlSo we look very exhited in the future!Rainer
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