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  1. Sean, this is what I do on a approach into any airport that I'm shooting the visual into...Within 5 miles (or below 4K) I disengage the a/p except for the a/t's. I will usually use the auto throttles up to a 3 mile final and then i disengage those as well. As for the annoying beeping sound, that is probably a master alarm for takeoff config. If your doing touch and go's you should be disengaging the a/t no later then a 1 mile final.Regards,Shawn
  2. I bought the T7 a few months back and have really enjoyed it. But now that I have started to use it for the airline I fly for, i can't for the life of me figure out how to add cargo to the B772. The value increases to the passengers you add, but can you actually add cargo? Or is that not modeled in the load editor?Thanks for the help!Shawn
  3. Looking for a painter willing to make a livery for the pmdg 737-700 for my VA based in the sunny state of FL! Come join the fun. Want details?stfitts@gmail.comaim-mubpub
  4. I appreciate it. I have cycle 0611 though so would that still be the issue?***edit***I just checked and this is FMC wide in my 7337 series as well...when i make KSEA my DEP or ARR airport, it says KSEA error: 16R rnwy unknown.
  5. When i started my flight to ksea today my FMC had NOTHING for an arr and runways into ksea. Anyone have any ideas? I have fly Tampa seattle and i was flying the pmdg 747.Any help would be great!ThanksShawn
  6. Well when i load out the aircraft the fuel is one of those things loaded. The FMC is calculating the on board fuel with the total weight so i dont see how fuel really matters except to lower the V speed
  7. Sorry! My name is Shawn. The FMC itself is caluculating the speeds a good 10 or sometimes more knots off. I am using correct flaps, the weight is all the same. I'm thinking it is trim.
  8. First time poster, pmdg lover.I use the load manager to load up the aircraft. And after i get everything ready i let the FMC do the math work and find my V speeds. lately they have been a good bit off. Someone has recommended checking the trim, where do i check, change this? Any other idea's why the FMc is off?
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