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  1. Ok Mike all working now. I used the legacy simconnect for Sp1, and works a treat, Thank you!
  2. I reinstalled Simconnect.msi to get my track IR working, after installed FSX:SE. But I only ran one installer. Interesting that there are more, Also i should mention this is a singular install not a dual with MSFSX. Thanks Mike ill try those additional simconnect files.
  3. No same as before. Just ran the "winglet" 1.01 and same deal. MCP doesn't light up at all. Will wait for hopefully a fix.
  4. Ok tried it last night, and got the plane to load. The MCP is dead though, just blacked out. Thanks though, one step closer.
  5. If only i knew what the entries should say. I am on a new install of SE after a fresh rebuild. Any change you would PM me what they say in your DLL.XML? NM got it.
  6. Yes, and the fact that for some reason I get d39dll crashes periodically (Acceleration related bug), i'm guessing i'll need to have to have some kind of save scheme for the passengers.Thanks Jim, I think it would be good idea to add something like that if is at all possible.
  7. Hey guys, question. I am looking at buying Xpax and I was wondering if your able to save and resume for long flights with passenger states as you left them when resuming/loading a flight. Due to time constraints, I'm never really able to do a long flight in one sitting. Can it be done?
  8. Thanks. I got that last night in my search for an answer to this problem. I could kick myself for not backing up, I've been lucky up to this point with all my add-ons being able to restore the original FSX files.Well, I've been wanting to do a fresh FSX install, so I guess now is the time to do it - although with 50GB FSX of stuff, it'll be a week long process.
  9. Hello all,I have recently installed a night lighting enhancement that - well, just isn't for me. But, said enhancement overwrote my default night lighting textures. Does anyone have an idea of what the filenames are, so I can restore the originals? If I could avoid a reinstall of FSX that would save me a lot of time. Thanks for any replies.
  10. Yep, go for more memory if you can. Everything else looks pretty good. You could go with aftermarket cooling on that 8800 if you want to overclock it later.
  11. Yep, Shockwave's P51 is probably just what you are looking for. One of my favorite planes for FSX.
  12. Congrats Ryan.I'm still waiting for the FSX forceware wife compatibility patch. :(
  13. I had that happen once before but it has been so long I forgot why. At any rate, if you go into the scenic library and then just hit ok, it should reset your scenery file no?
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