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  1. Ok Mike all working now. I used the legacy simconnect for Sp1, and works a treat, Thank you!
  2. I reinstalled Simconnect.msi to get my track IR working, after installed FSX:SE. But I only ran one installer. Interesting that there are more, Also i should mention this is a singular install not a dual with MSFSX. Thanks Mike ill try those additional simconnect files.
  3. No same as before. Just ran the "winglet" 1.01 and same deal. MCP doesn't light up at all. Will wait for hopefully a fix.
  4. Ok tried it last night, and got the plane to load. The MCP is dead though, just blacked out. Thanks though, one step closer.
  5. If only i knew what the entries should say. I am on a new install of SE after a fresh rebuild. Any change you would PM me what they say in your DLL.XML? NM got it.
  6. Someone told me once, (not being a dev i don't know if it's true) that FSX it is actually the scenery is moving not the aircraft. Flight kinda feels like the opposite is true. Purely speculation on my part, but might account for the different 'feel'.
  7. Rfactor 2 beta is fantastic BTW since it has some to do with OP post. The 1960 Spa with 60's F1 cars is an absolute blast to try to master. At any rate i agree with you. Why must Flight sim be limited to just one simulator (to be a true Flight Simmer?) when i play all kinds over other racing sims and it seems to be just fine with everyone over at Nogrip for example. There is something seemingly different at play here, even friends of mine lambast me for playing Flight, and in the meantime i am having some of the most interesting, fun, and challenging VFR flights i've ever had. It is great to have FSX, and it's been great to me as well. I will always have it and play it. Because there is nothing wrong with putting it on the shelf for a while and having a 'different' kind of fun.
  8. I think after you uninstall you have to go back and delete the rest of the files manually (in simobjects) If memory serves.
  9. Chalkman

    NGX no buttons and screens!

    Hmm, i didn't install the NGX as admin at all and it works perfectly.
  10. I don't refuse to fly online really, just that time is an absolute killer lately. I don't have but maybe 1-2 hours a week to fly so, not really a good use of the time for me.
  11. Chalkman

    bojote's fsx.cfg file

    Yes, it is quite old and doesn't include the latest gen cards. But the question for me remains, is it worth the money going to a GTX-285 from a 8800GTS 640 ? (Right now im doing pretty well FPS wise, but just need a little bit more) to get my sliders as ******* recommends. The GTX-285 is roughly $350-360 ATM.
  12. Chalkman

    bojote's fsx.cfg file

    Thank you for these new tweaks Bojote. I have applied these with much success and have my FSX running better than ever. Does this now mean (with the new tweaks) that the long standing axiom that the 8800GT 512 (im using a 8800gts) or similar cards were still getting as good of not better FPS than say a GTX-285? I have read so much about how there is no point in upgrading to a 285 from an 8800gts that i'm still very gun shy about doing. Remember this benchmark?,784.htmlAt any rate thanks for all your hard work!
  13. Yes, and the fact that for some reason I get d39dll crashes periodically (Acceleration related bug), i'm guessing i'll need to have to have some kind of save scheme for the passengers.Thanks Jim, I think it would be good idea to add something like that if is at all possible.
  14. Hey guys, question. I am looking at buying Xpax and I was wondering if your able to save and resume for long flights with passenger states as you left them when resuming/loading a flight. Due to time constraints, I'm never really able to do a long flight in one sitting. Can it be done?