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  1. Ok Mike all working now. I used the legacy simconnect for Sp1, and works a treat, Thank you!
  2. I reinstalled Simconnect.msi to get my track IR working, after installed FSX:SE. But I only ran one installer. Interesting that there are more, Also i should mention this is a singular install not a dual with MSFSX. Thanks Mike ill try those additional simconnect files.
  3. No same as before. Just ran the "winglet" 1.01 and same deal. MCP doesn't light up at all. Will wait for hopefully a fix.
  4. Ok tried it last night, and got the plane to load. The MCP is dead though, just blacked out. Thanks though, one step closer.
  5. If only i knew what the entries should say. I am on a new install of SE after a fresh rebuild. Any change you would PM me what they say in your DLL.XML? NM got it.
  6. Well the benefits are already clear. Steam has great sales! 30% already isn't too shabby.
  7. Good post. Thanks. I'd say that getting the DLC thru steam is much easier than GFWL in my case, as always seems to be a some firewall or other issue crop into GFWL. Hopefully it will be smoother than it has been. In fact it took 2 tries to get the update from GFWL installed yesterday. And the Steam overlay is nice to have if you are an avid Steam user.
  8. Download and install the steam version. Then start Flight and login to GFWL and your DLC should be there. I assume that is the way it works, because that is how it works with other GFWL titles in steam. Thx AK416 good to hear.
  9. Yep that is why i think it should be a pretty seemless transition just like Dirt3 or whatever. The only thing im not sure of is if you uninstall Flight after you install the Steam version, you could possibly lose your saves. Not sure about that as of yet im at work and can't play around with it.
  10. Pretty sure once you install the steam version, all the addons will be there for you once you log in to GFWL after starting Flight. Also your saves should be unaffected, since the save directory should be the same for Steam and GFWL versions. Not 100% sure it will be problem free however until I try later today. In my experience Steam works way better than GFWL but looks like we will have both. Safe thing to do would be backup your Xlive folder and not uninstalling Flight until after you are sure the saves are there and safe.
  11. Steam is great, especially the sales (summer and xmas sales being really sweet). I been a member for years and have no complaints. Not sure how to gel all my addons with the steam version tho, i'll have to download and try.
  12. Totally looking forward to A2A's p51 when it is ready, so i just can't get myself to buy the p51 or zero. I take my warbirds seriously!! heheAlthough i see nothing wrong with anyone buying it. I do like Flight but i still see the value of FSX. There really is a place for both in the (sim) world. I almost got the zero just because i have that exact number of GFWL points remaning, but i'll use them on Alaska when its out.
  13. I am also with the no cockpit folks. No cockpit, no buy. I just can't do it. By way of comparison, in Dirt 3 (another GFWL) title you get a fully modelered car inside and out for 160 MS points. I know there are no click points but still that is pretty cheap.
  14. Also not working here. Fly right thru it and nothing.
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