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  1. Hello,I posted a problem yesterday and now I can not find it again.Anyhow, I have this GTX 570 card, 1280 MB mem, AMD FX8150, 8core 3,6 Gz, 16 GB mem, 2x ssd, one for fsx.I have set all the tweaks in the books and instruction manual and from this forum.I also used the Nvidia Inspector to set all in sync with what you have shown us.Still my fp fluctuates between 4,5 and 25.What I was surprised of was that my card when flying and accelerating doesn't use that much gpu and video mem.So why we need such highend cards if it doesn't matter.Here is an attachment included, showing the results.Can someone explain that to me.Thanks in advance,Carlos OosterlingThank you Jim Karn.After some trying around I discovered the same button.Carlos Oosterling
  2. Hello,I would like some help on this.I have downloaded the said zip file and unzipped it.Executing it does not gives me what I see on this site. I can not get all the screens that is shown on this site.This is what I get when using it. The CustomSettingNames_en file is empty as far as I can see.Could not insert the image so it is as an attachment.There is also the situation with the framerate software that I downloaded form the site www.venetubo.com/fsx.html.It is said that we have to use unlimited framerates and than use the framerate software to set it to 60 or multiple of it.Executing the software I do not see anything, neither as FSX is running.Is there some one to tell me how to use that??????????????????Hope I can get some answers.Thanks in advance,Carlos OosterlingPC: AMD FX8150, 8 core, 3,6 GHz, 16 GB mem, GTX570, 1280 MB, 2 ssd HDD, one for FSX.
  3. Hello MatsThat is correct for I was being vetored by ATC and was just been giving new vectors to turn to engange the localizer and that is where it always goes wrong. Strange!! By the way the runway was just in the opposite direction the acft was turning.I did some test flight with the same programs running without SB3 and so without ATC and that did not results in problems.Anyhow whatever, the acft should not be banking past 25 degr as the bank limit was set to 25 degr. When this happens the acft can not even be controled manually anymore.I have to abort the flight, there goes 5 hours. }( There is this other thing and I might do this in the wrong way and that is, when the acft is descending and speed is set to f.i 220, the throttle will be set to idle or near by.What I do is that I also manually set my throttle to half way or so, I mean the throttle on the yoke. At that point the AT will speed the acft to the point where it will overspeed. I have set in the options to manually speed intervene.Carlos
  4. Hello RobI have uploaded 2 files as attachments.One is resized so it is not that sharp to look at.This morning I have tried some sort of trafect pattern at London EGLL, with the same programs running but without the Sqauwkbox3 and I had no problems. Smooth landing.As soon as I go ATC online there is where it starts at the landing.The FMC autotuned the ILS freq.I will also try the B763 to see if there is also a problem, can not remember.Perhaps the update we got with the FSX version for the FS9 version gives these situation, but I can not be sure.Perhaps I can reinstall some *dll file, I have all the backups.Carlos Oosterling
  5. Hello RobI will try soon, but not to day for I will have to start all over again.Additional info is that a lot of programs hangs after this happens.I also run ASV 6.5, BAV OSP and FSReal time and of course Squawkbox3 and the connection to Vatsim ATC.Perhaps this is to much for the comp, although I have a AMD X2 4400 and Video 7900GS card, 2GB mem.Carlos
  6. Hello CaptsI have this situation where the B744 get erratic when I have to turn to the Loclizer to land.It starts to turn, but keeps turning and even as the bank limit is on 25 degr. it keeps on turning untill it eventuely stalls.After a flight of 2 or 5 hours this is a pity. I have check the rudders and other things but didn't find any specials.I did turn off the AP and turned it on again, but that didn't help eitherIt also occasionely happens when I take off but that is perhaps once a year.Is there someone who has experienced this also.This is annoying especialy when I fly ATC online.Hope some one has some clue.Carlos Oosterling }( }( ;(
  7. Hello KimI think the best thing for me to do is to re-install the B747-400 all over again.I also experience this last days that the aircraft is getting of his track when en Route, so I unchecked the override box for the controls and for the next flight it worked, but I am not sure if that will always work.These sofware is to complex, so I don't espect them to be perfect, especially when one add things to it. There is always some thing that is overlooked when additional things like sounds and view are added to it.I'll try to reinstall it and see what happens.In the mean time I spent a whole week already with these kind of software for I also have problems with getting the Level-D B763 for FSX running on an XP configuration.One day all will be solved, I hope.Carlos
  8. I had unchecked them allready but that did not help the situation.I certainly need them checked, for this aircraft has the strange behaviour to go stray now and then and if the controls are checked, I can return it to the track it has to fly.I had posted this allready but no one had a sound solution.Perhaps I have to install the whole panel again.Do not know how, but will find out.Carlos
  9. Hello DanI always check off the AT, Flight Dir just before touching the runway and Auto Pilot when the speed is reduced to 20 or 15 knots.This afternoon I just get the aircraft up on London Heathrow and did a round, 270 up and 09 down, without FMC.The taxiing was ok this time and I taught that the situation was solved, until after I came down and turned to the taxy way, than it started again. I thought so myself that the AP is keeping it to the center line when it happened the first time, but than it should disappear when I close the AP.Besides when taxiing to the runway the AP is not on.To me it looks like it is random, but of course that is not so.Carlos
  10. HelloI have an other situation with my rudder.When taxiing the aircraft starts to sway.So I had a look at the eicas the rudder and saw that is was far to the left.However I could not trim it to be in the center.I have also re-calibrated my Pro Pedals and that didn't help either.After take off, the rudder gets centered again, and when landed the same thing starts over again.I have also disconnected the autorudder in the settings,no change.Is there anyone who experienced this already and what is there to do about it????? }( :-jumpy Carlos
  11. Thank you RyanI knew something like this was available, but didn't know where to get it.The Loadeditor works fine again.This must has happend when installing the SP1 for FSX.I looked in the registry and could see that there was something missing, but didn't know how to fix that.Carlos
  12. Hello,This last days when I try to load the Load editor I get a fatal error saying: " Could not detect a valid Microsoft Flight Simulator installation".Well it is right there under its nose.Does some one knows where this is coming from, never had this before.Is it easy to re-install the PMDG 747-400???Perhaps that would be the best thing to do.Carlos
  13. Hello DanI have also start climbing to FL 390.I espected the CRZ on the eicas to change into CLB, but it remain CRZ.According to FMC the optimum is FL 376.So why FL 390 ?????On the EHSI it should also say VNAV ALT in stead of VNAV PATH, when at FL 390.VNAV PATH means it still has some more to go.Anyhow that is how I understood it.ThanksCarloshttp://forums.avsim.net/user_files/174443.jpghttp://forums.avsim.net/user_files/174444.txthttp://forums.avsim.net/user_files/174445.jpg
  14. Hello DanThis time I have enter VNAV at 500ft.It works fine this time.But look at the Leg page and the VNAV page.The CRZ alt setting is FL 320 and the aircraft wants to go to FL 390.I have add attachments to look at.ThanksCarlos
  15. Hello,I have this situation with the 744.It can not maintain the crz alt.When I enter FL 320 as crz alt, the aircraft will take me to FL 390.Even when I set the MCP ALT to 32000 it still goes higher.The situation is than, that it keeps climbing and I end with a flaps of 30 at FL 250, so that the aircraft stalls for it can not increase speed.In the Eicas there is still CLB even when I am descending or cruizing.It is always fl 39000 I noticed, is there some special reason for this???This is not nice flying, for I get into troubles with ATC.The aircraft also strays away from the track sometimes, but perhaps that is because I have the setting to have control over the steering of the aircraft even when the AP is on. Thanks for reading this.Carlos
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