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  1. Bob, nHancer unblocks usage of several FSAA and AF modes that are not available through Nvidia's control panel. Some of these features have been implemented in the latest batch of drivers 158.18, but others aren't.For example, you can combine FSAA modes (multisampling and supersampling at the same time at different leves up to 16xS)The tool explains the settings you are choosing, offering a more straight-forward approach to the rather "cold feel" you get from nVidia's panel.I found this tool while trying to sort out the vSync problem in Vista (for my other relationship-killer : PES6!), it didn't solve that particular problem, but I was able to solve the game profile issues i was experiencing..Pedro
  2. Hello!I was experiencing similar problems with several Nvidia drivers on my 8800GTX. I've tried out a tool called nHancer, which is a new GUI to work on top on nVidia's control panel.I've created a new profile for FS9 there and everything works fine now! The tool also gives you the possibility to config several other graphic options not available in nVidia's standard control panel.You can try this tool here:http://www.nhancer.com/CheersPedro
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