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  1. Hi Luis & Scott,Thank you that worked.I added:LOD = 13CompressionQuality = 85...to the inf file and dragged it onto resampleFSX.exe. From there I copied the BGL and BMP to the FSX Addon scenery folder and made the changes within FSX to account for the scenery. All sweet!I haven't decided 100% to ditch the default scenery yet, but now at least I have a choice :)Thanks again.
  2. Hi,Thanks for your replies. I didn't make myself very clear, sorry.My 1m photoscenery is showing up and working well with good frame rates with SP1 and Vista. My LOD is on 7cm :) When I fly out of this 1m zone I am back to the default FSX scenery. What I want to do is force FSX to use 16m photoscenery rather than its own default. Luis what you are suggesting is spot on. But the question is how do I do it? I have the bmp file and the inf and I am using resampleFSX.exe. The inf of one of the 1m files looks like this:[Destination]DestDir = ..sceneryDestBaseFileName = L1_S-36'58'20_E138'31'35_S-36'54'17_E138'36'32BuildSeasons = 0UseSourceDimensions = 1[source]Type = CustomSourceDir = ..workSourceFile = L1_S-36'58'20_E138'31'35_S-36'54'17_E138'36'32.bmpLon = 138.526611328125 Lat = -35.0277472948707 NumOfCellsPerLine = 7680 NumOfLines = 7680 CellXdimensionDeg = 1.07288360595703E-05CellYdimensionDeg = 8.78193979760948E-06So there isn't anywhere to change the LOD setting? Am I looking in the right place?
  3. Hi,I have created some photoscenery which has the max res of 16m/pixel. While it is considerably lower in res than FSX default, it is nevertheless 'real' showing roads and lakes in the correct place. Is there a way to force FSX to use this lower res BGL rather than its own default scenery which I believe is 8m/pixel?
  4. Hi,I am not sure if this will help much...I have a triplehead2go, Vista Ult, 6400@3ghz 4GB ram, 8800GTS 320MB running at 3840x1024. I am running scenery with max LOD, mesh 100, 7cm res. No water, no autogen. nHancer 4xS, Aniso x16. Traffic is 100%. Weather max detail but not using ActiveSky. I have set the frame lock to 25 which it achieves most of the time except at busy airports when it drops to 15 or so. I am using 1m photo scenery from Ymaps. Using the Bell at 100 knots. So this is a serious graphics load on the PC which is the limiting device.I was getting micro stutters but instead of trying for days to find out what it was...I reinstalled FSX and it disappeared. My guess is that an addon has changed something in the cfg file like TEXTURE_BANDWIDTH_MULT=400 (instead of 40) which one of my previous addons did without asking.I think the clue is that it is more noticeable when you turn which is the signal for FSX to start loading in new scenery tiles. In my experience, and from reading lots of threads, having more cores or a faster HD does not help. What really helps is a faster cpu. So...one thing you could try is renaming your FSX cfg temporarily and starting FSX thereby generating a new cfg file. See if that helps. Try turning down the framelock really low to see if the stutters disappear.Anyway those are a few things I would try...
  5. Haldir,Thank you so much for that video. I have NEVER laughed so much in my ENTIRE LIFE. I had to play it again because I had tears in my eyes.Surely there must be more.....PLEASE
  6. I have moved back to FSX from FS9 and have enjoyed using the Skai Traffic addon. Is it possible to get this going in FSX somehow? Maybe moving folders manually etc?Any advice most welcome.
  7. I agreed Ed...I'll drink to that. Cheers Christian you are brilliant!
  8. Hi,You might want to try level mapping as Christian describes in his documentation. From my very limited understanding, level mapping tricks FS9 into loading a higher res file than 4.7m i.e. a 2m file. This will be more taxing on the file system to load but you should get sharper images. Experiment to find what your system can cope with. I have also increased the distance that higher res files are loaded around my plane by doubling the LOD_distance to 2000 (default is 1000). It has made a big difference for me with a high res because the two LCDs either side of the centre LCD aren't as blurry as before. With a triplehead2go and a C2D 6400 @3GHz 3840x1024 I can still manage around 90FPS @ 200+ knots. That is with skai traffic at 100% but no weather. FSX with res on 4.7m crawls along with blurries.I have taken some video with my Canon camera (FRAPS doesn't work at this res) but I have been a bit busy with work to edit/convert it for youtube. I hope to post it in the next few days.
  9. Christian,Will TP6 be compatible with FS9? That is the important question for me.Thanks
  10. I wouldn't think anyone running TP would object even if it was 500MB of download. Even for a small area, TP generates a PhotoRealWorld folder of 3+ GB :)Will TP6 be compatible with FS9? That is the important question for me.Thank you, Christian for continuing to develop this wonderful program.
  11. Hi Christian,I will try and send a video to youtube. I have just created an account. I am having trouble taking a screen shot because the triplehead2go is on the second head of the 8800 and PrtScn takes a snap of the other head. If you know how to get a screen shot of the second head I will take one a post it.The videos are from YMMB Melbourne International towards the city in a Bell @ 100 knots @ 4000'. The second video is from Cooma airport NSW and over the highest peak in Aus - Mt Kosciusko Australia (nearly 8000' high). The Baron is flying at 12000'.I will post back when I have got it up to youtube.
  12. I have fixed it :)lod_distance=2000max_lod=13min_level=9max_level=15level_mapping=11,12,14,14,14,14,15Works really well for Y* maps. Getting 90FPS @3840x1024 CPU0 is sitting on 50%
  13. Hi, everything is going along well with FS9.1 and TPbeta5...good frame rates and stability with Y* maps. I would like to try getting higher res tiles into FS9. I have tried entering the level mapping line - min_level=9max_level=14level_mapping=9,10,11,12,13,14color_hack=Nocolor_level=0bulk_extend=50with max_lod=14...but I am getting water tiles immediately around my plane, the rest of the tiles are fine. If I go to top view and zoom right out the water is replaced by the correct tiles but zooming in again causes them to return.I know that my level_mapping line isn't actually zooming but I thought I would try getting a base first before experimenting. Any ideas?
  14. The other option in FSX is to lower the resolution to say 5m and then fly at speeds up to 200 knots. But I have found that with TP5 and FS2004 (at 4.7m res) that I can fly at nearly 300 knots without blurries + active sky and Mytraffic @100%. The combination of TP5 and FS2004 is excellent.C2D@3GHz 8800GTS 600/1000 Vista Ult.
  15. Hi Guys,I am sure that with this old thread that everyone has fixed the AA problem with FS9. I had the same issues with Vista Ult. 158.24 Forceware drivers AND Triplehead2go running at 3840x1024 on three screens...this really made the jaggies standout :)Anyway you CAN FIX THE AA PROBLEM with nHancer. I have used it in conjunction with Rivatuner but you don't need to. I tried tweaking for weeks before finding this great free utility but nothing worked until I used nHancer.With my 8800GTS 320MB and C2D@3GHz I can get 50+ FPS at 3840x1024 with 4xS supersampling AA and ansio x16 with phototerrain at 4.7m resolution from Tileproxy.
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