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  1. thanks to this forum. the empty weight is the magic word for the runway designation. now, i can control which planes can use a specific runway (well, except for on particular heavy). i also discovered that it is the solution to my other problem : of jets stopping to soon after touchdown causing a lot of holds.the "empty weight" is just the solution i have been looking for and i was facing the wrong direction all the time tinkering with toe brake scalar. almost all AIs have been designated an actual empty weight setting, but in reality planes don't really fly empty therefore adding more weight makes sense. heavier planes requires more thrust and more thrust means farther stoppage.thanks all!
  2. >What is the empty weight of the B777 from the aircraft.cfg>file?>>There are thresholds concerning runway length vs aircraft>weight.>>I'd like to know your weight so I can add this threshold to>the common knowledge bases.hi,i checked and the aircraft weighed a mere 110,000 lbs. i guess the designer forgot to edit the correct empty weight. so i changed it to around 393,000lbs. surprisingly, it still lands on the shorter runway. above 400,000lbs and the plane don't show up anymore. please see attached pix. tried to follow this one.http://forums.avsim.net/user_files/177662.jpg
  3. i have tried reducing the runway length to 1599.9 (5249.27190 ft)and just extended the overrun area (for exit nodes). somehow, the heavies stopped landing there. anything longer than 1600 m and i still have the 777 being dircted.i can't wait until these issues has been resolved, then i'd stopped growing white hairs.
  4. for a moment i thought that would end my frustration. i was working on the rpll scenery with rwys 13-31 (2200m long x 45m wide, no ILS) and rwys 6-24 (around 3700m x 60m wide with ILS on both ends). afcad is available at avsim. please search for "RPLL 2007 version 4 (update)".i would like to limit rwy13 for GA and small jets for take-offs; and GA landing (and close rwy 31, well if take-off with no landings is possible then the better). rwy6-24 is open to all aircraft type.the problem is atc sends heavies and jets to rwy13-31 for landing and GA planes to rwy 6-24 for landings. and taxing heavy planes is annoying because atc sends them through narrow aprons with parked planes they'd hit their tails.thanks.
  5. wow, what a revelation!thanks. i'll try this and see if it works. i hope future afcads could be configured to realistic settings.
  6. does anybody know of any utility that could assign a specific aircraft to use a specific runway or taxiway?it's getting a bit annoying the way AI behaves in the FS world. for example, i have a very short or very narrow runway and a very long runway, yet heavy planes are often directed to the runway that is so short they even overshoot and ga planes are directed towards long runways making traffic in both ground and air heavy.ATC also cannot determine that the plane it is directing is to wide for a very narrow taxiway. it would be great if there is a utility or if FS could be modified to conform to this "common sense" (i was going to write "simple aviation rules"). it would be something like a parking designator where you can assign a ga plane, a small jet, a heavy jet. one where you could specify a runway for use with heavy jets only or for all types; or for small jets only; or limited to ga planes only; and also a taxiway that would limit a specified plane size with respect to the width of the taxiway.
  7. hi, i've done that as well but not all ai has the same landing distance to full stop. RWY24 as active, with the scenery, full stops occur between just before E2 and E4. so that means there are 4 exits (E3 is closed because it's a runway extension). unless i can make all planes fullstop ONLY between R1 and R3.i also have noticed some AIs mak a u-turn for a taxiway 100m behind them even if there is a taxiway exit in front. they can detect any hold short limits and will turn to them even if there are NO connecting nodes. i have attached one example picture. RWY24 being active. the blue area is where planes stop. which is a very long area and covers several exits. you see the plane stopping between E3 and R1. and it turns on the grass area to exit because it detects a hold-short limit at R1.or maybe if there is an adjustment to make the radius of the hold-short limit smaller or bigger that would probably also solve the problem.
  8. hi, i am doing an afcad for RPLL. i attached a diagram for your reference.we're talking of rwy6-24.on rwy6 being the active :landing planes are supposed to exit at taxiway R1 (the diagonal taxiway ~45Degress from the runway) or E2, E1 & H1. but planes stop short of E4 and some planes make a 135 degree turn to R3. E4 and R3 intersects thus planes going to parking (usually at Terminal 2 and domestic) faces the outgoing traffic (planes taxiing to depart RWY6. the same thing happens if active RWY is 24.planes are supposed to exit at R3 (the diagonal taxiway ~45Degress from the runway) or E4 & H2. but planes stop short of R1 and make a 135 degree turn to R3. there's no problem if they exit E2 because there are plenty of intersecting taxiways for smooth traffic flow.I have made several revisions to he afcad that it now looks like a web structure at the center. but there's always problem with center planes.my only solution, i think is to make ai planes (whether heavy or small or medium)to stop approximately 1300m from touchdown. having flown in this airport since i was a child, the mentioned taxiways are always the taxiways of exit even for small jets.http://forums.avsim.net/user_files/173209.zip
  9. hi there,thanks for your response.i don't think there is a problem with my afcad.the problem is AI planes stopping at a shorter distance from touchdown. and exit at the first taxiway which unfortunetely exits to the taxiway where departing planes are taxiing towards active runway.even if they stop just a few meters after the taxiway, they make a uturn instead rather than go straight to the next exit.
  10. hello there. i am currently doing a scenery and i have two questions:1.when i test ai, some planes exit at the wrong taxiway causing the flow of traffic to mess up therefore, air planes disappearing.i would like to know if there is a way i can edit the cfg file or any attached file to an ai aircraft so that it stops approximately 1300 meter or further from touchdown. i only have problems with small jets. this is because in real life, even small jets exit at this taxiway or beyond. what is happening is that they exit on a taxiway that is 135 degree from the runway. and they face outgoing traffic on taxiways. 2. is there a way that i could make a taxiway in afcad one-way regardless of weather so that the flow of traffic could be more realistic. i hope anyone can find any solutions.thanks.
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