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  1. Quick update:Service 1 (V****** E****): 174Service 2 (G*****): 30Just to state it one more time: They renamed their servers from kh* to khm*.Service 3 (Y****): 1.8They have changed their URL scheme slightly, reversing the zoom parameter. Fortunately, they changed it in a backwards compatible way, so no action is necessary for now.
  2. >I just changed the kh*. to khm*. according to some other post>here. Any ideas?Cross-post. I just queried you about that in another thread. It might be a good idea to keep one question to one thread only to avoid confusion.
  3. > At most I wanted a 75 mile square radius around my> area.The nice thing about TileProxy is, of course, that you can go anywhere in the world, fire it up, and it just works. If all you want is one relatively small area of photo scenery, however, you might want to have a look at FS Earth Tiles at http://www.fspassengers.com/forum/read.php?f=9&i=4634&t=4634 . This tool creates FSX style scenery from the same source material that TileProxy uses. Once created, these can be used offline, and more importantly, being in FSX's native format, they usually offer much better loading performance than TileProxy's FS9 style scenery.
  4. Alternatively, you can use the Windows calculater applet. Switch it to scientific view, make sure 'Dec' is selected in the upper left panel, and enter the decimal value. Then just select 'Hex' to convert that value to, well, hex.Christian, thanks, installing the runtime did the trick. Ain't those error messages of Microsoft's just wonderful? Why tell the user that a specific runtime library is missing if you can just as well leave her completely in the dark with some nonsensical gibberish... ;)
  5. I just tried the beta 7 preview, but unfortunately, ProxyUser.exe fails to start. When launching it via the load.bat file as usual, at the point where it would start ProxyUser it tells me that "The system cannot execute the specified program." When I try to start ProxyUser directly, a MessageBox pops up informing me that "This application has failed to start because the application configuration is incorrect. Reinstalling the application may fix the problem." I tried the latter, several times even, but to no avail. Beta 6 worked just fine. I'm running Windows XP SP2 32 bit with FSX SP2 if it matters, and I have FSX, TileProxy and the Photoreal World folder each on separate (physical) discs.I also had a little glitch with the ServiceCacheBrowser: it complained about not beeing able to find F:TileProxyTileProxyproxyUser.ini on startup, and rightly so. Notice the second 'TileProxy' - the correct path would be F:TileProxyproxyUser.ini. This is 'easily' fixed, though, by adding a trailing backslash to the Install_Dir registry entry (which read just "f:" after installation).
  6. Have you also noticed their new water in that area? Look around Whidbey Island, for example (KNUW would make a good starting point). They have a thin strip of photo water along the coastline, and then blend over to their generic water tiles. This looks remarkably similar to your water masks. Look out, they're watching you... :-lol
  7. The texture flickering is actually caused by the Land detail textures setting ("Trame dettagli terra"). In order to create the illusion that ground textures are of much higher resolution than they actually are, this creates dark specles on otherwise 'clean' textures on the fly, and these specles tend to flicker when they become smaller than 1 (screen) pixel. Turning this off has a major drawback, however: The taxiway lines (and maybe other things) are 'simplified' to single, thick, solid yellow lines, making them look very cartoonish.
  8. Regarding pre-loading of flight plans, would it be possible to create FSX-style BGLs along the flight path, and use TileProxy as it is now (ie. FS9-style BGLs) only for 'background' scenery, that is, for the low resolution tiles further out?
  9. There's another bit of information in Phil's blog post that got even more of my attention. A couple of paragraphs above the list, in the part where he rants about backwards compatibility being a major hindrance to progress (to which I mostly agree, in general), he says:"And yes most add-ons should continue to work in the DX9 code path in Acceleration/SP2, as long as they don
  10. They probably use WMS. Different beast entirely.
  11. >I am not sure if it is possible in a kernel mode filter driver>to determine from which thread of an application an I/O>request originated. If I could do so, it would be possible to>fix the preloader by making the preload cache specific to each>thread.If this isn't possible, would it work to just add another 15 slots per additional CPU/core to the cache, while still preloading at most 15 tiles per request? In addition, you would probably need some clever logic to determine if requests are related. Depending on how exactly FSX loads tiles, figuring this out could be a nightmare, I guess.Anyway, if you'd like to have something tested, please feel free to contact me.
  12. Here's something to try for those who got more than two cores/CPUs: I'm running TileProxy Beta 5 with FSX SP1 on a twin Xeon 5150 (2.66 GHz) system, ie 2x2 cores. Out of the box, TPS were in the low hundreds, resulting in moderate blurries when slewing along at 160kt, with all 4 cores constantly pegged at 100%. While playing around with affinity settings, I discovered that setting AffinityMask=12 in FSX.cfg, so that FSX uses the second CPU only (core 3 and 4), results in tile rates well above 1000. Yes, that's a factor of more than 10! Needless to say, the blurries were mostly gone (apart from the fact that FSX is still switching mipmaps to late, but that's not TP's fault), and core 4 was only busy every minute or so, when the terrain loader kicked in, and was idle in between. The point here is to make FSX only use 2 cores, so that only one terrain loading thread will run, whereas it didn't seem to matter which two cores I used. After further investigation, it seems like the preloading mechanism is responsible for this massive TPS drop when more then one terrain loading thread is requesting tiles simultaneously. With preloading disabled (preload=0 in ProxyUser.ini), I now get close to 1000 TPS with FSX using all four cores again. As long as I stay below about 300kt, textures are keeping up very well (on a test from Seattle all the way up to the Canadian border), ie. almost no blurries, and core 2-4 CPU usage still periodically drops to 0, so there is still some reserve. So, after 2 days of tweaking, I have to say a big thank you very much for taking FSX one giant leap closer to "as real as it gets"!
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