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  1. Are you rining FSX at the same resolution as your windows desktop?If youre running an LCD monitor, are you running FSX at its native resolution? And if running widescreen, do you have the WideAspect setting set to true in your FSX.cfg?
  2. Looks like it.Getting the message "The connection has timed out" or "The connection to the server was reset" trying to access it using Firefox.
  3. Christian,Once again, thanks, that worked.
  4. Hi Christian,I have downloaded the latest release of TileProxy, and cannot get it to run. Is this because once again the 32-bit version of tileproxy.sys has been installed on my XP x64? Note again, this is XP 64-bit not Vista.The error I get is as follows:proxyUser: FSX DeviceHarddiskVolume3 ===> X:proxyUser: FS9 DeviceHarddiskVolume3 ===> X:proxyUser: World DeviceHarddiskVolume1 ===> B:proxyUser: Attempting to attach filter to volume 'DeviceHarddiskVolume1' (drive B: )proxyUser: Could not load filter driver: 0x80070002 (The system cannot find thefile specified.)proxyUser: Could not attach to device: 0x801f0013 (The system could not find the filter specified.)proxyUser: Connecting to the filterproxyUser: ERROR connecting to filter port: 0x80070002
  5. Hi Jim,Just an update on this - cleaning and updating video drivers does not cure the issue. It only happens very randomly. I can go four or five flights without seeing the multi/blurred clouds. Then the sixth flight will have them.Very odd.
  6. Steve from Flight1 has replied to you over at the F1 forums.
  7. As I replied to you over on the Flight1 ATR forums, it seems you have a faulty CD. Contact Flight1 and get it replaced.
  8. I'm flying it on XP x64 and she works great too :)
  9. While not a 'problem' per se, I've seen this a few times and it has gotten me curious.Sometimes when flying, using ASX, the clouds it generates are on two layers, but identical, yet slightly apart, giving them a multi layer blurred look. It's basically like one of those 3D pictures you need the red/green glasses for (but obviously the clouds are not red & green!)Its hard to explain so I've provided a screen shot below:http://forums.avsim.net/user_files/182742.jpgAny others experiencing this? Any ideas on fixes?
  10. One of the best add-ons ever.Combine it with something like Xpax from HiFi and immerse yourself in the joys of flying an airliner :)
  11. Damian, once again you have come good. The alternate installer you sent worked.Your products and support continue to be excellent.Many thanks once again.Take care and keep the blue side up!
  12. Hi all, Merry Christmas.Just downloaded XPAX and it will not install onto my PC running Windows XP x64 SP2. Is there any workaround for this?The error I get is "XPax requires that your computer is running Windows Xp or Windows Vista". I'm clearly running Windows XP, albeit the 64-bit version.This is the first HiFiSim product I've had an issue installing on XP x64 - please can I install it? Pretty please!
  13. Just thought I'd add a visual representation of what I am getting:http://forums.avsim.net/user_files/182373.jpg
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