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  1. Hi folks,I have an AMD 4600 with an NVIDIA 7950GT 2 gigs ram and everythingruns great. no problems other than the VC texture problems on some aircraft. SP2 is faster and I purchased the PMDG 747-400FX and it works super, even flying in the LAX basin approaching KLAX, FPS run at about 12.one thing I did though,that has made a big difference is I removed the indexing on my drives except for c that runs windows XP SP2.also I made sure my virtual ram was running on all drives.no CTD, no memory loss, nothing.I can fly for hours no problem.I even have UTX for the US and the scenery is excellent.I have done all the regular tweaking stuff in the FSX.CFG filebut left the cells fairly full for buildings and trees.my opinion was removing the indexing and doing a defrag.
  2. Just a tip that worked for me.I followed the tips from PDMG for my FSX.CFG fileI can post my cfg if you likethe big thing for me was to uncheck windows indexing for my drivethat I run FSX on.then defrag and make sure the virtual RAM is on !I am not overly equipped in the PC department.AMD 4600, 2 gigs RAM, Nvidia 7950GTbut i can maintain 15 fps flying into the basin at KLAX using myPMDG 747-400FX no problems, no CTD, no memory failuresgo figure eh
  3. Hi Send me an email and I will send you screen shots of my airplanefolders so you can see them, easier than typing them outcheersCliffknowlesis@rogers.com
  4. I have upgraded to the latest version, the only problem is when I turn on the landing lights for the cargo version of the base PMDG textures whether PW/GE/RR engine variant, I get a solid colour change to reflect the lights being on along the aircraft. It is vertical and it looks like the paint job was not a smooth blending. all other liveries downloaded are fine.anyone else seeing this ?
  5. Hi Guys,I was having that problem with my payware aircraft and found a trick that fixed all memory problems as you indentify.If you run FSX or FS9 on a separate drive, then go the the drive screen and make sure your drive is "NOT INDEXED" also make sure you have virtual ram turned on for the drives that you have the software on. I have had zero problems
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