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  1. Hello talented painters, I would be grateful if someone could please paint a PMDG NGXu 737-900ER SSW in the current American Airlines livery. Preferably with ETOPS markings and a registration of the painters choice. Thank you, gabep
  2. Update: I am willing to hire a talented painter for the endeavor. I realize your time and effort are important. Suggestions, comments and inquiries welcome. The job is available to anyone with high quality paints currently available on AVSIM (with preference given to those who have PMDG 747 experience). Thank you, Gabe Pfeiffer
  3. Attention talented painters: I am extremely interest in seeing a (fictional) ANA PMDG 747-8 with the upcoming special Lani livery. In the real world the livery will be gracing the skies on ANA's new A380, but I thought it would look equally beautiful on the sim communities beloved PMDG QOTSII 747-8. See links below for inspiration. Lani Unveiling Lani Belly With Her Two Sister-ships And an article about ANA's planned interior configuration and primary destination information. Lani Article Thoughts, comments and suggestions are always welcome. I hope to see this beautiful version of the 747-8 in a sim near you soon. Best, Gabe Pfeiffer
  4. Painters, I am interested in flying a VS 777-300ER in their latest livery. This request is inspired by the upcoming entry into service of their A35K. Photos availabe online and I can add some here if necessary. Much thanks, Gabe Pfeiffer
  5. A bump. And further refinement to the request: GE engines, please. Also, anyone still painting Level-D frames? Thank you, G.P.
  6. Simply put... I'm speechless. Bravo! Bravo! Bravo!
  7. Absolutely outstanding work PMDG. Every time I think you guys have maxed out all the possibilities you come up with even better simulations. I cannot thank everyone at PMDG enough for all their hard work!
  8. Also, I forgot to mention, it would be great to get them in the Genx version of the aircraft, and registration numbers for the -8 9A-CZA and the -9 9A-CXA. Thanks for the assistance. Kindest regards, G.P.
  9. Hello, Attention Great Painters: I would like to request a (fictional) Croatia Airlines Quality Wings 787-8 and 787-9 for FSX. I would be extremely grateful for anyone's assistance! Here is an example of their current livery: Kindest regards, G.P.
  10. Painters, I would be extremely grateful for a FSX Level-D 767-300 with winglets in the Croatia Airlines livery. This would be a fictitious repaint. Here is a link to their current livery on their A320 fleet: Current Livery Kindest regards, G.P.
  11. With all of the uninstalling and reinstalling updates of late, I too decided to dust off my old MD-11X and installed it onto my new computer. I was left with wondering the same thing. ...and thank you.
  12. +1 Based on my conversations with current type rated 777 pilots PMDG usually has a fairly high reputation.
  13. Yes vote from me, even after all these years I am still waiting on an announcement! Kindest regards, Gabe Pfeiffer
  14. Very nice job! Can't wait to take her out for a spin.
  15. Steve, That would be fantastic. I look forward to seeing your efforts bear fruit! Thank you for adding it to your to do list and giving it a try. Nice work, by the way.
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