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  1. Thanks, I have assigned an independent ssd for FSX. But will look into it this weekend. All the best, Jay
  2. Okay Robert, it went through this time- I turned off everything and downloaded the files. The 747 installed without a hitch, but the T7 had issues. I just kept deleting and re-downloading till it came across clean. Thanks for your assistance. All the best, Jay
  3. Thanks for looking into this for me Robert. I don’t have any AV except the native Windows Defender. I turn that off during downloads. It just occurred to me about the Windows Smart Screen. I’ll turn that off too and give it a try and revert. Like I previously mentioned- this the first time ever that I’m experiencing this issue and it baffles me. Thanks again & best, Jay
  4. Thanks Dan, Appreciate Thanks Dan, I appreciate your help looking into this. All the best, Jay
  5. Hi Dan, Once again thanks much for your help with this. I tried everything even from the KB but its not working. However in the 7Zip program I do get a data error message while extracting the file. So I pretty much think the download link(s) in my account may be bad file(s). It's frustrating as I don't have any of the PMDG products I purchased since I uninstalled everything before downloading and extracting the new files, and my wife deleted my FS Downloads folder in exasperation with all my desktop icons and it sux that I don't have any access to previous installers either! But thanks again for all your help here, I'm hoping to get the attention from the PMDG Support staff here as my OC has also gone. All the best, Jay
  6. Hey thanks for your help with this again Dan. I’ll look into it with this alternate Zip file extractor you recommended and revert with the outcome. Will most likely be toward end of the week. Thanks again & best, Jay
  7. Hi Dan, thanks for taking a moment to get back. Your right- I uninstalled previous versions and downloaded current ones. I tried running the installer from the zip file and it fails. A message comes up saying the destination file could not be extracted... This is a first for an extraction error, and it only occurs with these PMDG files. Other downloads have no issues. Thanks again and best, Jay
  8. Hi everyone, For the first time ever I'm getting this strange error code while extracting the files that's not allowing me to install the T7 & 747 updates! Any help would be huge! Thanks, Jay
  9. xwinds

    Setting Step Climb Size

    Thank you Simon, thank you Dan. All the best, Jay
  10. Hi everyone, I was trying to figure out how to change the auto step climb size in the FMC options but couldn't figure. Its currently set to ICAO and at S/C the aircraft soars 4,000 feet to the next step. I think I need to set the S/C to RVSM. Would appreciate the guidance here. Thanks, Jay
  11. Hi everyone & kudos to the team at PMDG for the recreation of the 747- QOTS! I couldn't help but comment and complement here- after trying hard to stay away from the redeployment of the QOTS from PMDG as I expected them to undertake a new project - they've done justice to a beauty of an airliner. I got the PMDG 747 after all the back n forth last weekend and spent one weekend understanding the package for FSX, tweaking and working around to have an optimization for my system. I'm totally delighted with this simulation and the depth of the details. Its a lesson in business admin too- amazing redefinition of the scope of a product to identify and renew a larger market- an evolving one. It also reinforces the passion of a team in commiting to the goal. Good luck and soar on! - Jay
  12. xwinds

    BA Virtual website unavailable

    Hey everyone, can't get to their website this a.m....
  13. xwinds

    Thanks, Joe.

    Glowing tribute - WSJ: http://www.wsj.com/articles/joe-sutter-changed-travel-with-the-jumbo-boeing-747-1472831479
  14. xwinds

    BA Virtual website unavailable

    Don't see it back up yet. -Jay