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  1. Many thanks, I have removed the LNM folder and the ABarthel folder in C:\Users\XXX\AppData\Roaming, downloaded the latest stable version and rebuilt the XP database and all is well. Your 2c is on its way.
  2. That was my initial thought and after a library update it still did not show. I can try remove LNM and do a reinstall, but are there any other file location except in the USER folder structure that needs to be removed. I see \you make use of SQLite for your database. I just had alook at the specific airport FANY in WED to see if there are any issues. I'll give it another try with a complete removal and reinstall - BTW, after updateing the AIRAC using Navigraph's FMS DM, I still see a very old cycle. Perhaps is there something else I have to look at?
  3. @albar965, I use LNM mostly for bush flying or small airplane local navs. My platform is Win10 and XP11 and latest 2.6.8 LNM. I also miss some airports in LMN which are in die XP global airports list. How do I manually add an airport to LMN, is it possible? If I have all the apt data, surley there must be a way to add it manually (in a text file) to LNM.
  4. Aeroworx B200 for FS2004 was quite a piece of machinery - the best in those days.
  5. I'm from South Africa and we are always on the end of things - the forgotten country when it comes to Flight Sims. We have some decent FREE FSX scenery from Aerworx, the mesh and all. Somewhere I have dowloaded a descent FACT and the old FAJS (FAOT) and I initially developed the FALE (King Shaka) airport and due to work pressure handed over to someone else who made an excellent job of the scenery especially the terminal buildings. With this said, NMG is only OK but quite expensive. Unfortunately if you look at the fine design detail you'll realize it was hasty jobs, especially looking at the small airports .Someone mentioned AFCAD and I agree, but not all. Kruger National is an excelent job and so are a few other. BUT, I will not purchase anymore NMG scenery due to these facts mentioned. I have moved on to X-Plane, have plenty of time on hand and is currently indulging into scenery design again - which seems to be a breeze - have all the tools and 10% knowledge. So all in all, NMG is in the middle if it comes to quality, but high-end when it comes to price. There is a lot of decent free FSX scenery on AVSIM, unfortunatly I do not know of PD3/4. Richard's statement is 100% OK. With the default FSX scenery which depicts Cape Town region as a nearly arid landscape and a hill for the iconic Table Mountain, NMG's Cape Town scenery was made in heaven. My 2 cents.
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