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  1. Odaat

    Alabeo Robinson R66

    Old thread and quote, I know. Nevertheless, this is where I wound up when my new R66 was a decorative piece on the ramp with an engine running and static blades. Who would have thought I finally found an aircraft that needed Acceleration Pack to run? Anyway, in hopes of adding to the knowledge base if anyone else ever comes looking, I renamed the .air file to .sav, took the .air file from the Bell 206B, dropped it into the R66 folder, renamed it to r66.air and all is well!
  2. I have purchased 6.34, Can anyone supply me with a link to 6.2 so I may use that instead? Thank you Paul Dahlen
  3. Thanks to pwscott for asking and aarque for answering. Helped me out today with the same issue.