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  1. Hi, I don't receive any mail from PMDG then I try to login to my account or then I try to create a support account. /Curt
  2. Not solved! That "solution" only worked for that session. I can't see any setting for the Saitek hat switch. This only happens with CP aktiv and it doesn't matter if the Saitek hat switch is defined in CP or not. /Curt
  3. Solved! If I disable "Enable Controller(s)" under Options/Controls/Other, it works as before. /Curt
  4. No, I can't see any definitions for the hat switch. But I think that is the problem. I tried to repair the broken hat switch. Used four keys instead of the hat switch. /Curt
  5. Hello! I have problem with the screen flashing when I use the hat switch on my Saitek yoke. It flashes only for short moment when I start moving the hat switch. This does not happen with my Logitech stick only with the Saitek yoke. And if I exit CP the screen does not flash. It started with the corrected version 0.3.44. /Curt Regards Curt Söderberg Märsta, Sweden
  6. Did an reinstall of VFX Central and PNDG B777-300ER, this seems to have fixed it. /Curt
  7. I have noticed the same problem. Start engine #2 does not work. Start engine #1 works fine. Seems to happen if I forget to put APU bleed on. Using version 1.3 of FS2crew voice. And no other problems. /Curt
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