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  1. Thanks Egbert, I don't mind if it's not study level, just need something that will help me get started with it. I can see that link is to a number of systems manuals, which I think we already have from Carenado, but I'm looking for a complete flight tutorial or 'getting started' manual using the Carenado aircraft itself. Not so bothered about following real world procedures to the letter. It seems like there isn't such a thing, which is disappointing.
  2. Hi all, I've just bought the Carenado S340 and certainly don't regret doing so as it's a great looking aircraft. Although I've consulted the manuals, it would be really useful to have a tutorial flight which explains how all the systems work together and takes you through all the procedures for completing a successful flight. Carenado don't seem to provide such a thing, unless I've missed it? If not, I wonder if anyone would be able to recommend a third party tutorial for this purpose? Cheers, mfy1989
  3. Hi folks, Hoping someone can help. I'm really trying to get rid of the awful default touchdown 'clouds' that appear in P3D v4. I had PrecipitFX for FSX and was very pleased with how it looked, but having installed it for P3D, it doesn't seem to have any effect on the touchdown smoke. I'm wondering if I've done something wrong somewhere - I can see the effects in the relevant folder in P3D, but they just don't seem to be appearing. If someone could offer some advice I'd be grateful, Kind regards, mfy1989
  4. Thanks Keven, appreciate the prompt reply.
  5. Ok thanks Keven - is this something that's likely to change any time soon? I guess I should have read up a bit more before buying, but right now without the ability to track aircraft in playback, chaseplane isn't much use to me.
  6. Hi there, Firstly I wanted to say thank you for taking the time to develop this addon, and it really does look like it has huge potential. I'm in the process of making the (painful) transition from FSX to P3Dv4, and Chaseplane seems to be the only available view system for the latter at present. I have been making videos for youtube with FSX for many years, and FS9 before that, and have been spoilt with the wonderful tool that is FS Recorder. Amazingly, FS Recorder provided cameras, replay and capture functions all in one tool, and it was free (although he would have made a fortune if he'd charged for it). Although it's early days, I am finding it difficult to move to the Chaseplane way of thinking, and there is one thing in particular that I miss - that is the ability to track and pan to an aircraft with world cameras. In FS Recorder, you could aim a camera at a specific point on the aircraft, and it would follow that point as the aircraft flew past. This does not seem possible to do with Chaseplane, unless I've missed something? I note the 'track aircraft' option under the advanced options, but this only seems to point the camera at the aircraft initially - it doesn't follow it thereafter. I realise Chaseplane is a work in progress, but to be honest I would happily do without a lot of the features if only to have the ability to define world cameras and track aircraft/fixed points easily. Is such a feature planned for a future update? Kind regards, mfy1989
  7. They may be collaborating with QualityWings, although I don't believe they have merged - there is certainly no indication of that on their website. As an update, I had a response from someone via the McPhat facebook page yesterday. They said they would look into it, and this evening they have finally provided the key, which enabled me to install it. It's taken 6 days from date of purchase to get to this point, which is very frustrating although I agree not the end of the world in the great scheme of things. They did say they've been having problems with their website for over a year (!!!) and that their host lost all of their data (which sounds alarming). I hope they are not referring to customer information there. When I asked why none of my support queries were answered, they said it was because of database problems. Doesn't seem like a terribly professional outfit if I'm honest - I won't be buying anything from them again based on this experience, and I would advise caution to other people as well - had I not been able to contact them through Facebook, I would never have received a response from them, and it would have been down to Paypal to refund the money.
  8. Hi - sorry to hear about your experience there but this has nothing to do with McPhat studios. I don't know if Avsim have a specific board for people to post feedback on poor customer experiences - perhaps that would be a good idea, although I have to say I've found it very rare to have a bad customer experience, and I've found the vast majority of companies and suppliers to be honest and helpful.
  9. Cheers Bill, good to know it's not just me! I'm not holding out much hope for a resolution to be honest. Usually if you don't get a response in 5 days, something is wrong. I'm guessing the website is no longer being monitored - it shows a whole raft of database errors on the homepage which is never a good sign. I will post updates to the situation here, because I don't want other people to fall foul of the same issue and lose their hard earned cash. I've raised a dispute with Paypal so if they don't respond at all, I should be able to get the money back. Cheers, Tim
  10. Hi all, I ask the question because almost a week ago I bought one of their 747 repaint packs. I've had products from them before, and they've always been of a pretty good quality. However, I have a problem - I can't install this pack because the installer is asking for a registration key, and they haven't provided one for my order. So I raised a support ticket through their website. A couple of days went by, and there was no response from anyone. So I raised another ticket. Still no response. And finally I tried raising a third ticket under a different category - still nothing. I've even sent them a message via their facebook page, and still absolutely no response. Although they have a forum, it's not possible to create new topics, or respond to the one existing topic. So I'm completely stuck. Having paid 16 euros for this product, I'm not very happy that I've ended up with something I can't install, and even worse, my support requests are being ignored. Has anyone else had a similar experience with them? Are they actually there anymore, or have they just left the website running to collect orders, without offering any sort of customer support? Be interested to hear from anyone, Cheers, Tim
  11. Hi all, Hope someone with more expertise than me might be able to advise! I had a question regarding gear contact points for the PMDG 747 - generally the gear looks pretty good on landing, but one of the niggles I have is that when the rear wheels of the bogies touch down, the contact point is slightly below the ground, which looks a little odd. I've never really noticed it before but it's only because I'm trying to capture some footage for my youtube channel that it's become an issue. I realise this may be a limitation of FSX (I don't know), but I wondered whether there is any way of improving this at all? The vertical reference points for the contacts are presumably for the bogies when in the horizontal position, so changing them would only raise the aircraft off the ground once the bogies had levelled off, which is not what I want. Are there separate reference points to determine the point at which these rear wheels are making contact with the tarmac? Here is a pic to hopefully illustrate what I mean:
  12. I'm not so easily taken in by their marketing I'm afraid. It's easy enough to post promising updates on Facebook, but they're still only talking about V.088 (as they call it). When translated to plain English, this means: they've made some tweaks, but have still not finished it they want to release something so that it looks like they're making progress A better strategy might be to actually finish it, and then release the full version, rather than keep spending time launching interim versions, and talking about it on Facebook. The problem is, they can't finish it because they don't know how. And if they ever do work out how, Aerosoft and/or FSLabs will have beaten them to it. I'm sorry to seem negative, but I remember people being drawn in (including me) by the Airsimmer A320 project - never-ending 'interim' versions, and the product was never actually finished properly. Obviously, this is only my opinion - I don't wish to discourage others if they have decided to support BBS; I'm just worried that people will end up wasting their money on something, when there is something potentially much better round the corner. This is your hard earned cash - spend it wisely people!
  13. Just to elaborate on Glynn's post (and to clarify) - Phoenix (or PSS as they were known) basically packed up and shipped out, leaving all of their customers with no way to reinstall their purchases, and no technical support. I'm not saying they don't deserve a second chance, but I think people need to be aware of their track record when we now see lots of unfinished products being sold, with no real prospect of them being finished. Frankly, I don't see any reason to go near their A320 series when we have the Aerosoft Airbus X Extended, which is an outstanding and very well supported product. And I have every faith that Aerosoft will finish and release their A330 in the next year or so, and BBS at that point will be largely obsolete. Personally, I am quite sceptical and wary of BBS, and I think their promises of an advanced product amount to 'vapourware' - I don't think they actually have the expertise to finish what they've started. I'm happy to make do with the 'stop gap' CLS A330 for the time being, and wait for the Aerosoft one, which I have no doubt will be well worth the wait.
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