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  1. Have to wait for next time It does it again- My latest logs has been deleted
  2. Hello... Have tried sometimes after landing and holding at gate - after about 10 minutes... PSXseeconTraffic shuts down without any error infos- I can restart it again without any problems- It never happens at take offs airports or in flights - always about 10-15 minutes after a landing holding at gate. Happend at KJFK and KMIA Christian from Denmark
  3. Hello... For a couple of days working a lot with your program- some wishes 🙂 Could it be possible in a specific example : EKCH.xml set parking percent.. EKCH 40% EGLL 30% Instead of change it everytime in the menu?? Wish 2: In a Way lock an aircraft to a gate and not disapear after a landing, so it Will be the same we see leave from same gate at the return flight or to the planes Next destination?? Think it Will be some of the last before we really have a realistic live traffic- locked planes to specific gate and leave again😀 Chris from Denmark
  4. Thanks.. Tried build up with only aircrafts from UTL in Live traffic- It made a difference of 5- 6 fps up- in Heathrow... And its a lot in the most demanding airport in P3d.. So a lot of Faib , fspxai and other textures are demanding on fps...
  5. Hello... At EGLL with Ultimate traffic Live - 100% traffic - FPS 28-30 With Live Traffic Live :8 60 parked FPS 18- 20 I use Faib , FSPXAI, but resized many of them to 1024x1024 - Think its a hard hit- is it normal? Have also checked error. Log and fixed it. Chris from Denmark
  6. Thank you 🙂 Now I have traffic
  7. Hello 🙂 Have latest updates - seems it still find OTBD - Instead of OTHH ? Chris from Denmark
  8. Yes - Are there any plans to update the CDU for Aerosoft Airbus PRO ?
  9. I know:) And I already have the version for PRO- using it with 318/319.. But does i work with a320/321 Pro - realesed Yesterday?
  10. Hello:) Does FS2 Crew Airbus voice need to be Updated before using with new Airbus 320/321 Aerosoft Pro ? Christian from Denmark
  11. Hello.. These had been talking about at Aerosoft forum- and If it can be releated to FS2 Crew? 1. Problems with TCAS and FS2crew. The F/O turn on the C mode TARA but you don't see any traffic, When switch back to stby and again to TARA then you see all Aircrafts. ??? 2. After landing the Seat Belt sign is locked to ON- you Cant switch it manually OFF- but If you say the voice command- then it Will be switched OFF?? Christian from Denmark
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