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  1. I wondered the same thing and am surprised at the lack of response?
  2. Confirmed. Speedbrake down, not armed. Sorted Thanks again Martin
  3. I think it is the speedbrake which I have armed. ie up. Will try out later. Many thanks Martin
  4. I'm not new to this aircraft in FSX but have now moved over to P3D 4.3. Pretty much works as predicted. Lot to learn and re-learn but despite check list and tutorials I still get warning noise when I push throttles to take off. No sign of what is wrong but if I ignore it stops as I climb away. As far as I can see all the usual stuff is set and looks fine. Thereafter the flight continues as normal. Is there something obvious that I'm missing? Martin Madden Madair
  5. I assume it is not necessary to get the Flight 1 addon as I have no other use for it. The XP version had a basic GPS that would drive a flight plan. Can someone confirm please. I do wonder whether Leading Edge ( they produced XP version- which is very good) had some part in Carenado's version.
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