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  1. This is a really stupid question but how do you use the Alpha Yoke and Bravo Throttle at the same time. The default Alpha Yoke works okay by itself but adding the throttle and all of a sudden the throttle moves the yoke. Is there a write up or tutorial on this? I have watched the individual tutorials for each one.
  2. I believe those waypoints are not in the original nav data that shipped with FSX. As far as I know, you can't update it for the TBM
  3. FWIW, the FMS uses the underlying GPS system to store/execute the flight plan. If you load a route with a newer DP/STAR, say KMIA WINCO2 LBV SRQ Q102 LEV BAYYY2 KHOU, then load another aircraft (Carenado TBM 850), the flight plan in the TBM G1000 will include all the waypoints from the prior flight plan albeit without any names. Since the DTO doesn't really work for the default GPS, I would be surprised if it worked for the CJ2.
  4. Well it's been 20+ years since I programmed assembler but I will take a look. Does anyone have the POH tables for the CJ2? I have them for the CJ2+ but the FADEC apparently made it a completely different airplane performance wise.
  5. How is everyone getting around the performance issues? I have gotten the FMS to work pretty well, but the actual aircraft performance is a problem. The climb tops out around FL 340-360 and the airspeed once there is about 330KTAS or less. That is with N1 ~ 101% Throttle back to match the real a/c performance tables and it stalls out. Do we just have to wait for the first patch for a new air file?
  6. This is also being discussed in the First Impressions thread. The performance at altitude is abysmal, something it way off. Fuel flows are 50% too low and it won't make FL 360 on a standard day.
  7. It was within a few degrees of ISA according to the PFD. This seems to be a problem with all the light jets. Flight1's mustang is a lot better but doesn't mirror the real world performance. Going to check all the physical settings in the config file tonight.
  8. I checked that, it was about 12,000 lbs. Per the POH table supposed to make 40,000 feet in 25 minutes burning 540 lbs, then cruise 390 knots burning 904 lbs/hr. I finally made it to 360 it was burning 450 lbs per hour and slowing thru 150 kts.
  9. Took it out today. It wouldn't climb above FL360 and the fuel flow was about 475 lbs / hr or about half of what it should have been. It also wouldn't hold speed at altitude. Eventually stalled out. Has anyone played the the aircraft.cfg yet? Mark
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