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  1. Yes. I have a Throttle quadrant, one axis is assigned as Flap Handle. But I touch it definetively not - and in the MD11 it is correctly working. If there might be an issue, then should I also have problems while using the MD11, isn't it?
  2. Can we still keep on hoping or can we bury this idea? I would be so glad using the iFly with the great FS2Crew Addon!
  3. Hi Brian, unfortunately I'm back after a short period of time. Now I have the issue, that the PNF announces the setting of flaps (even on the ground or airborne), but there is no reaction by the plane, the flaps stay where they are. I have to move them by myself. As I know it from the MD11 that it is not good to change the views during FS2Crew action, I'm really aware of not doing it. I have not really an Idea, why it is not working. Maybe you can help me in this case too?
  4. Ooops, that information I didn't notice. Now everything is fine, again thank you for your help!
  5. Well, what shall I say - this was the right Answer! Problem solved! Thx for your kind support, very appreciated!
  6. Well, that really could be the clue! I will try it after my (virtual) arrival in KCVG! In my documentation the main button is also sth. named "Propeller xxx" (don't know actually). Was there an updated documentation within v2.2A?
  7. Hi Bryan, I've already tried other buttons, unfortunately with no positive result. :(
  8. Dear FS2Crew team, I've a curious problem with the Main Button - and only with it! Regardless what Joystick button or Keyboard I assign for it, nothing happens! The Second Button works properly on my Joystick. Well, let's talk about troubleshooting. There's no double assignment neither of the Joystick button nor of the Keyboard commands. Also in the FSUIPC is no assignment for the two buttons. Other Joystick Buttons and Keyboard Buttons are also not working for the Main Button. I'm now at the end with my suggestions. Do you have an Idea what can solve the Problem? Help very appreciated! Btw. FS2Crew is v2.2A, the iFly is up to date with SP 3.2.2 Thx for your help in advance! I would be so happy if you can help me fixing this issue, as I am so happy with my MD11-ButtonControl since many flights and the new Panel in the iFly makes even more fun!
  9. Hi, a few months later once again my question: What about fs2crew and iFly B744v2? :wub:
  10. Are there some news about this? Especially the FS9-Version? :wub: :blush:
  11. Additional question: If planned, will you set up a FS2004-version too?
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