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  1. >Peter,>>You are the man of the hour! These steps worked perfectly for>me...thank you for identifying the files in question. Thank>you!>>KyleWhat solved your problem? Copying the textures to the main FS9 texture folder? Or changing them to DXT3 with DXTBmp?Tim
  2. >As I have these 2 buildings with textures I could identify>with DXTbmp which these textures are:>For the left building the textures are seapd.bmp and>seapd_lm.bmp>for the right building the textures are DFW_North.bmp and>DFW_North_LM.bmp.>>I see that these textures are in your logfile, but check if>they are really in the texture-folder of your main 9Dragon>folder. If yes you may try to copy them in the FS9 main>texture-folder and see if it works.>>If it still does not work maybe you should try the issue with>DXT3. This can be done with the DXTbpm Program (get it here:>http://www.mnwright.btinternet.co.uk/index.htm)>>Peter>I have the same issue, with a few more buildings though. They are all in the texture folder, all are fine and not corrupted files, and I've tried them in DXT1 with alpha and DXT3 with no change.Tim
  3. >I reported this problem the day after the release of V1 but I>did not get any replies. It appears that some fs9 building>textures are missing. Hope someone can help.I've had this problem since v1 too, but for me it's especially weird as I do have the FS9 building textures that are required, and they are working in the default scenery they come from, as far as I can tell. However, in the 9Dragons scenery, they are not working, despite being there in the folder. I've checked the files with DXTBmp and the bitmaps are accessible (i.e. not corrupted, as far as I can tell)...Tim
  4. Hi,I have installed 9Dragons v2, and I am missing textures on several airport buildings, on the airport grounds themselves. I cannot figure it out, as all files are copied and installed correctly, and according to the folders, the files that were needed to be copied over from FS9 default are there. I've been in touch with Clutch Cargo and he can't figure it out either. I have no clue...but hope I can figure it out!Tim
  5. >I have the ITVV Virgin Atlantic>Video and am getting the Concorde one next- it the Martinair>one worth ordering?>>Best->Carl F. Avari-Cooper BAW0225>http://online.vatsimindicators.net/980091/523.pngMartinair DVD is excellent. Makes a great reference/teaching tool.Tim
  6. Mo,Here's hoping to see some more BA 744 World Tails in the file library soon! I love the ones you have available so far and can't wait to see the rest.Regards,Tim
  7. My favorite is the Boeing 747.Tim
  8. I keep wanting this baby for FS9. Wish someone would paint it for FS9 too...Tim
  9. >I the library tonight there is a new very good scenery for>Algiers (DAAG). I just installed it and it is very good! The>file name is daagrealscenery.zip>>There is also new scenery for the city of Algiers. I haven't>installed that scenery yet, but it goes with the new airport>scenery. I just spotted that one myself and installed both packages (the airport and the city), but haven't gotten a chance to check it out yet. However, it looked amazing and will check it out in an hour or so, before bed.Tim
  10. Can anyone please provide me a link to the documentary "Crash of the Century - Tenerife", that is over an hour and has the recreations of this event? Or can someone send it to me? I hate to ask, but I've not found it available yet where I can get it besides Veoh.com, and that Veoh Player caused major problems with my computer. Please help...Tim
  11. RouteFinder looks down again right now. :(Tim
  12. Same issue here with CTD trying to load RW Wx. Hope they get it fixed soon.Tim
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