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  1. Beautiful Shots Ryan! I found your rocks2 photo is over the Hopi Reservation approximately 60 miles SE of the North Rim of the Grand Canyon (Off your left wing). Monument Valley is roughly 100 miles NE - off your nose. It's a wonderful area to see at FL410 or even FL02.
  2. Guru3D posted MSFS Hardware benchmarks. https://www.guru3d.com/articles-pages/ms-flight-simulator-(2020)-the-2021-pc-graphics-performance-benchmark-review,1.html
  3. I read this recently about the F35. July 2020. https://www.forbes.com/sites/davedeptula/2020/07/20/f-35-problem-child-or-on-track-for-success/?sh=7cfdfbe15d14
  4. Ideal Flight Professional also provides the facility of starting at the airport where you landed. It can provide a list of airports based on search criteria and allow you to pick your next destination from it. Flight Plans and host of other material are provided. Might be worth a look.
  5. Hello, 1. Start positions can be modified in a Fast Mission but would require knowing a little bit about the editor to move your airbase starting location. Basically once the mission is created, you can find your plane at airbase selected, then click and drag your plane to the airbase you want to fly from. If you do that you might find yourself far from the action, so to avoid that, in the fast mission selections menu, pick a start position on the map that is close to the airbase of your choice, you'll probably get that airbase automatically. If not then as mentioned in the editor before you fly, click and drag your flight to airbase. Instant action I can't comment on. 2. Without mods I don't think you can display current weather or METAR. So best guess here is to look for a mod that will provide weather briefing. if you flying someone's custom mission, it is sometimes standard to include weather details in the briefing. Custom mission design allows you to set weather to your liking. 3. What you want is: Show Controls Indicator 4. Don't know how to modify trim behavior. 5. For carrier ops (USS Stennis is provided : Add Ship Group in editor) you are going have to get into using the editor. Something like: Create your fast mission. Then instead of flying, click edit mission. Now in the editor add your carrier, then as in #1 above click and drag your plane overtop the Carrier you added. If you picked Start from runway it should snap to over the carrier. Now click fly mission in the editor and you have customized fast mission. Caveat. The Fast mission didn't provide an F-18 selection for me. If that's the case then create you mission using a different aircraft type , drop on carrier and then you can edit the aircraft type in the drop down on the right to select the F18. Once you get comfortable in the editor you'll be able to customize to your hearts content. Mike
  6. Riva Tuner Statistics Server -- a graphic utility to manage video card settings, performance testing etc.
  7. You'll find the setting in the Cloud Options of AS. P3D low cloud offset adjustment.
  8. Thanks John for sparking a fond memory. Growing up in SLC and had a very good high school friend, who was then leading a project at E&S that simulated the F4 Phantom. He granted me the opportunity for a grand tour of the facility. (Middle to late 80's if I recall correctly.) Anyway, I got the grand tour including a demo flight albeit at a keyboard, not in the dome which was being serviced. They were toying with projection in the helmets (VR back then I guess) but settled with the dome due to other constraints. Also got to view some video promo material of their current work that blew me away at the time. I was already into simming (Spectrum Holobyte Falcon on Amiga or earlier 8088s) and found myself wishing for something similar in my home. I can say that day has arrived when playing my favorite desktop flight sims. Late 80's E&S looks a little dated and wouldn't fit in my home anyway. Mike
  9. Your symptoms are just what I experienced with a CPU failure due to a different root cause. (Video Card came unseated from Mobo - frying CPU). Even down to the Error Code 00 though I have a Asus X99 Deluxe 2 board. Went through all of the steps above, replacing PS, trying Intel Video. New CPU fixed it up.
  10. My testing with TML TBM etc uncovers a perhaps unique situation on my hardware. I have a six core Intel OC'd to 4.6 with HT on with AM settings to utilize 4 of the cores. Typically 00 00 01 01 01 01 because when I use 00 01 01 01 01 00 I see an increase in texture blur and black textures for a split second using the exact same P3D.cfg, NVI... This blur doesn't make sense to me since I have all cores synched to same multiplier for OC so should be the same. Frankly I thought freeing up core 0 would work better for me but in fact the reverse is true. Pretty consistent too since I have seen the same behavior across multiple OS's (Win 7 forward) OS reinstalls and flight sims (FSX, P3D). I never could figure it out but perhaps some of you have a similar situation strange as it may be. Mike Todd Mongrelf
  11. Hi Hubert, It's my understanding the ASN (Active Sky Next) is a different product than Active Sky 2012. You might want to search for an AS2012 update and try that. Mike
  12. I have the same problem as well. Always on a long flight. Therefore I created a KJFK to KLAX flight that I have repeatedly flown approximately 12 times over the last few weeks for testing. I have never successfully completed a flight with the MD11 or the 747 without a black screen so far except when I used DX10. Other points: Default 747 was successful on KJFK/KLAX without a black screen using DX9. One flight I had menu corruption. AI aircraft were added sequentially to the menu to the right of the PMDG menu entry (screenshot avail. :-)) FSX Config settings such as TEXTURE_BANDWIDTH, FIBER_FRAME_TIME, TEXTURE_RESOLUTION etc have had no effect. Autopilot begins to behave erratically before the problem (Can't maintain track even on 1x speed - winds aloft disabled). System Specs:Intel Core2 6700 @ 3.0 Ghz4 Gig MemoryVista 64Nvidia 8800 GTX SLIFSX Addons: UTX, FEX, TrafficX
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