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  1. Yes, fantastic this has solved the issue for me also.Thank you very much.Barrie Davies
  2. Read only is NOT selected in the properties of the aircraft config file.Barrie Davies
  3. Unfortunately this fix does not seem to work for me either? Is there anything else we can try?Barrie Davies
  4. I have not had any issues with the LCF tail not opening, however I just tried the fix to see if it would cure the problem with the undercarridge showing on the Freighter models. It did not work unfortunatley. I have also tried uninstalling LCF and using the new installer download, this did not cure the problem either.Issue still remains, undercarridge showing on the preview of Frighter models. On the plus side by leaving the LCF model selected in the config manager the problem of the undercarridge showing on the frighter models seems to resolve itself.Barrie Davies
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