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  1. Thanks, Dan. Appreciate the answer. I don't use it all that much but have the autosave feature set up. I really haven't had to use it all that much, then again my flight sim hours recently have been so so dismal (a 3 year old and twins on the way have impacted one of my true passions).
  2. Hi Dan, Is there a reason you don't use FSUIPC to save your flights? Just curious.... Thanks
  3. All seems good, I rolled back to 337.88 and everything seems good.
  4. Thanks, Bert. Seems that you're driver may be older than mine. I'll give it a shot.
  5. Hi All, I've really been out of the loop with graphics cards and haven't been in this forum for quite some time, so it seems like I may have an ancient card. I haven't updated my driver in a very long time (probably 2 years). It's always worked for me so I didn't mess around with it too much. I currently have: 340.52 I've been getting a BSOD drive_power_state_failure every time I shut down. '"ve been getting some support on a separate W7 forum and they stated it "might" be linked to my graphics card and recommend updating the driver. I only use FSX Do you recommend just downloading the latest driver? I'm not flying FSX too much these days (a 2 year old doesn't help) but I don't what to mess up an already pretty stable system. Thanks for any help,
  6. Exactly the same for me but with a 2 1/2 month old...I guess it doesn't get any better. Every time I'm on final, he starts screaming. I could be on a 4 hour flight and not hear a peep from him but when I'm landing...
  7. I'm always curious to see what other people are using. What panel do you like best for POSKY's 747-400 and why? I've been using Chris Jeanne's but have not played around with it too much.Also, if you want to mention what you use for Meljets 777, I would also be interested.Cheers.
  8. Just wanted to double check. If I want to install the new 9dragons Kai Tak, should I remove everything from Kai Tak98 (Jim Vile's)that is on my computer?Thanks for any information.
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