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  1. Thanks, Dan. Appreciate the answer. I don't use it all that much but have the autosave feature set up. I really haven't had to use it all that much, then again my flight sim hours recently have been so so dismal (a 3 year old and twins on the way have impacted one of my true passions).
  2. Hi Dan, Is there a reason you don't use FSUIPC to save your flights? Just curious.... Thanks
  3. All seems good, I rolled back to 337.88 and everything seems good.
  4. Thanks, Bert. Seems that you're driver may be older than mine. I'll give it a shot.
  5. Hi All, I've really been out of the loop with graphics cards and haven't been in this forum for quite some time, so it seems like I may have an ancient card. I haven't updated my driver in a very long time (probably 2 years). It's always worked for me so I didn't mess around with it too much. I currently have: 340.52 I've been getting a BSOD drive_power_state_failure every time I shut down. '"ve been getting some support on a separate W7 forum and they stated it "might" be linked to my graphics card and recommend updating the driver. I only use FSX Do you recommend just downloading the latest driver? I'm not flying FSX too much these days (a 2 year old doesn't help) but I don't what to mess up an already pretty stable system. Thanks for any help,
  6. My most memorable experience in a cockpit was on a US Marine C-130 (I was not in the military) flying from Islamabad to Gilgit, Pakistan on a sunny day. Seeing the Hindu Kush on a sunny day and the descent and final into Gilgit was amazing. It's a very short runway, one way in and one way out. I've had the opportunity to receive cargo charter's (747, DC10, 767, MD-11, 742) and spend most of my time in the cockpit when they are on the ground. They stick around for about 60-90 minutes, so I've had plenty of time to talk the ear off the pilots. They've always been gracious and are always interested in the cargo they are bringing in, which is fairly unique, so makes for good conversation.
  7. Kyle, What good fun to read the original post...it's been ages since I've seen that one. It's especially nostalgic for me since I moved from DC 2 months ago. My flight sim is still in storage, so counting the days to fly in the area again. Cheers
  8. It's great, I really like it.
  9. I have quite a few of FSDreamteam's airports and really enjoy them, KJFK, KIAH, PHNL,, KLAX, and some others I can't remember. +1 for Flighbeams KIAD...I do a lot of real world int'l travel out of there so it's fun to choose my actual gates of arrival/departure when I sim. I also have their KDEN and KSFO..
  10. I'm not sure if I'm happy or sad that I'm moving out of Washington, DC. Happy because my bank account won't suffer when I'm spending my weekend in Manassas, sad because it will be harder for me to get out there (although I'll be coming back to DC a lot). Manassas Airport will hold a special place in my heart during my time in DC. My wife bought me my first flight lesson there and I got to spend the afternoon checking out some old warbirds such as a B17 and B29 this past summer. The was an incredible day. Looking forward to checking out the sim when I'll be back in DC for frequent work trips. That's an expensive Uber ride
  11. Kyle -That was a very thoughtful and great post. Thanks for taking the time.
  12. Having fought fires in the PNW for many years...they've always been there. Just some years don't make the news that much. You're right, it's been really hot. I'm on the east coast now but my parents are in Oregon and it's been unusually warm where they are. But, it's not Texas hot.
  13. I hope you post some pics once it's installed, would love to see it. Congrats and have fun!
  14. Thanks everyone for your thoughts on this and explaining in more detail! C
  15. I took a look at the MEL and had a question about it. This might be a silly question, so bare with me. If I'm cruising along FL390, how would I know that I received the PRSOV. Does a pilot have access to the MEL(what is below) in the flight deck or would they be communicating with Operations/Maintenance while in the air? M)(O) One valve (PRSOV) and/or the associated controller (PRSOVC) may be inoperative provided: a) Associated PRSOV is locked closed, b) Opposite engine bleed system operates normally, c) Associated engine bleed air switch remains OFF, d) Left and right bleed isolation systems operate normally, e) Center bleed isolation system operates normally, f) Both packs operate normally, g) Both outflow valves operate normally, h) Airplane remains at or below FL 350, i) APU is used as air source for center system hydraulic demand pumps for takeoff and landing, and j) Appropriate performance adjustments are applied.
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