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  1. Haha...classic! However, this thread has survived for years without vitriol...hopefully, we can keep it that way.
  2. "The angle of the dangle is inversely proportionate to the heat of the beat"--Beavis
  3. Hey Bryan,I poked around the site and didn't see it, but do you release the manuals for free download? I'd like to just have a read through at how everything works.Thanks!Jeff
  4. Hey guys,Just surfing over to AVSIM using the new Chrome browser and certain threads pop up a warning with regards to malware.I believe the thread that gave me this was...http://forums.avsim.net/dcboard.php?az=sho..._id=37032&page=And here is the message I get...http://forums.avsim.net/user_files/192208.jpgJeff H.KDEN
  5. This thread seems neglected...Jeff HepburnKDEN
  6. I'd definately recommend the Level-D 767 in place of a 757, since there isn't currently a decent one.For the turboprop, I'd go with the Digital Aviation Cheyenne...it's truly an amazing aircraft.Jeff HepburnKDEN
  7. >>Can someone reach out to Randy and ask him to rejoin the>>forums after his sabbatical too? :)>>>>Jeff Hepburn>>KDEN>Why, are you missing him? :-) aaaaahhAbsolutely, because we all used to talk (read argue) about flying and technique rather than release dates and business practices!}(Jeff HepburnKDEN
  8. >Its not possible for a belt to act on the plane in any significant>way, only wheel bearing friction. Ooh...a dangerous statement. While I agree with your sentiment (and that the plane definately will take off), I would imagine that eventually the wheel bearings would seize given a fast enough speed. Then the conveyor would act on the plane in a significant way, because the wheels and landing gear assembly would probably get ripped off leaving the plane sitting on the conveyor belt with a busted prop!:-lolJeff HepburnKDEN
  9. Can someone reach out to Randy and ask him to rejoin the forums after his sabbatical too? :)Jeff HepburnKDEN
  10. Hey, easy there!I'm finally back and trying to find time to fly. It's been a long few weeks. I'm hoping to resurrect this thread over the weekend with more questions...haha!Jeff HepburnKDEN
  11. JHepburn


    I agree with the folks above. It is very intimidating the first time you key that mic, but it so very rewarding. My advice is to not start at a place like LAX due to the sheer number of folks. Generally, a controller will be much more patient if he's not pushing 100 other planes around the airspace. As suggested, download Servinfo, find a quiet spot, and give it a shot. Nothing to lose!Good luck!Jeff HepburnKDEN
  12. Hey Rob,Not sure I completely understand the dutch harbor example, but I'll fly it and see what happens next weekend after getting back from my business trip.I did have a question about the eagle creek example. I want to make sure I understand how you would fly the circle to land based on the chart.Here's how I would do it...If arriving from the east, I would fly direct VHP, then outbound on 076 radial, followed by a procedure turn to fly inbound on the same radial. From that point, since RW21 is a left pattern, I would overfly the field to join the left downwind and, of course, circle to land)?One interesting question I had regarding these types of approaches with procedure turns. With inbound/outbound traffic on the same raidal, aren't there potential altitude conflicts? Is it always just towers responsibility to maintain vertical seperation? Again, thanks for the help.Jeff HepburnKDEN
  13. Hey Rob,Great answer, and I really appreciate the time you took to make it as informative as possible. Complicated? Yes, but if it were a yes/no answer, then it wouldn't have needed all the supporting commentary.No need to worry about the liability insurance...this is only as real as the electrons flowing through my computer and packets flowing back & forth to the vatsim network. To that end, most folks don't fly to non-towered airports on vatsim, so I think I'm ok to wing it. Just curious the to understand how to do it right.Take care!Jeff HepburnKDEN
  14. Quick question for the VFR gurus around here. What is the correct way to enter a traffic pattern from the far side of the airport, e.g. runway 36 has a left pattern, and I'm arriving from the east.Do I fly over the airport at pattern altitude to join the downwind? Would I typically get a specific instruction on how the controller would like me to enter the pattern (at a towered airport).Thanks!Jeff HepburnKDEN
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