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  1. PHTO and KMRY are frequently used.
  2. Hmmm...I'll still get the error with the 1405 update.
  3. Nine, Nine, Nine. Bahahahaha

  4. Members of Congress get paid 15,000 a month after only one term for the rest of their life!?!?! Wow. Politics pays.

  5. I'm bored. Who wants to drink?

  6. "i refuse to believe corporations are people until Texas executes one."

  7. Thinking about writing a Channel 101 screenplay called, "Bass Heads" which mockuments a group of young adults' descent into Dubstep hell.

  8. Why am I rummaging through my kitchen for food? I'm not even hungry!

  9. Dear C-17 Test Pilots,I'd appreciate it if you'd kindly elect not to fly the pattern for 25L at 6am again this morning. We have another, more capable runway that doesn't bring you 400 feet over my neighborhood. I suggest you consult the APD. With that said, please use 25L later in the day. It'd be a treat to observe your fat and retarded swan-like presence when you haven't just woken me up at the crack of dawn in sheer terror.That is all. K, thanks. Bye.

  10. !@#$%^&*(@&^%#*&(^$#)_)(*$!()&()!#&RHKFCKS CADAD:LAOEF N:A:F

  11. I haz hangover. Oh, and corm.

  12. I have so much to clean up....damn you last minute party!!

  13. Cooking dinner for Katherine Lynne Moreau and company, then inviting the masses over for a beer pong party.

  14. Gays are the new Jews, and the US is the new old-Germany.

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