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  1. I use World of Ai as ai traffic. I decompiled the WoA traffic .bgl files with ttools. I then deleted the OTBD coordinates entry in the Airports file and added OTHH : OTHH,N25* 16.46',E51* 36.49',33 (not sure if this is really necessary). Then I changed all the OTBD entries in the Flightplan file to OTHH. Compile again and off you go.
  2. By cheating a little: pauze fsx and edit in Photoshop (sharpen mask) afterwards.
  3. Beautiful! What Copenhagen and Denmark scenery are you using?
  4. It's good old Posky's 747-8F. Thanks for the nice comments btw!
  5. Really, really nice! My real life home airport, such an honour! Nice to see some very familiar ai traffic as well.
  6. I saw a KLM 777 at Heathrow a couple of times. It's less than an hour to Amsterdam/Schiphol.
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