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  1. @abrams_tank @keith80 Oh dear... I was so focused searching through the hundreds of Content Manager Packages, that I completely forgot that I got the World Updates in the Marketplace in the past and then only a few additional missing packages in the Content Manager. I went to the Market Place and of course... the World Update 4 was the only one I did not download yet. Thanks for reminding me! 🙂
  2. Hi everyone, I was zipping around in Paris for the first time since the World Update 4 and admired the Louvre, Palais de Luxembourg, Eiffel Tower and a few other POIs and when I approached the Arc de Triomphe, I only saw a standard Building and I have no idea why. Content Manager tells me everything is up to date (in previous World Updates we had to download POIs in the Content Manager as far as I know because they are not streamed) and I also have enabled photogrammetry in the Options. Since I see the other buildings mentioned above, I think at least some of the World Update IV can be seen, but I have no Idea why the Arc de Triomphe is missing 😞 Any Ideas what I could check? Cheers!
  3. I saw this on my buddys plane when we did a group flight yesterday. We have no mods installed and I thought that this is just an issue with Multiplayer. Did not see it in single player yet though.
  4. I doubt it is a problem with LNM, but more with the Scenery, but I am not sure, so here it is: I downloaded EBDT Schaffen from flightsim.to and when scanning the Scenery in LNM it shows one error. The scan finishes and as far as I can see the Database is updated, there is just this one error. If you need the log, I will send it to you by Mail... it is pretty bit and might not fit in this post 🙂
  5. I think Alex wrote something in the line of that he can not read them at the moment because the format is different than in FSX and the new one is not documented in the SDK yet... at least as far as I remember correctly.
  6. I had my first 2 flights this afternoon and it is a joy to fly. Thank you very much 🙂
  7. Hey, I just found out about that mod in the flightimulator.com Forums and immediately went to Github to grab it 🙂 I have one question: Do I need to pay attention to the name of the folder, so the Working Title G3X Mod gets loaded AFTER the plane (since you also seem to have included some G3X mods, but recommend using the WTs G3X Mod also)?
  8. I just wanted to let you know that the update went flawless, as did the Scenery import. I also exported a Flight Plan and was using it in MSFS... looks all good. Thank you very much 🙂
  9. Thank you very much! I will update today. I am on the 2.6.2 Beta currently. One Question: What is the correct way to update in the beta branches? Delete the whole LNM directory I suppose to make sure not leftovers from the previous beta are here? Edit: I have read that SID and STARS can not be read from the MSFS Database. Should NAV Beacons be read? Like NDBs and VORs? I downloaded ENVY from flightsim.to (https://flightsim.to/file/868/envy-vaeroy) and the developer just added a NDB and a VOR to the Airfield. Within MSFS I can see it, but after importing the scenery, it does not show up in LNM. I remember that in one of the earlier Betas we had problems importing some custom airports and you fixed it by ignoring some error that occured. Could it be related to that? That the scenery designer is adding the Navaids in a way you can not read them properly?
  10. @kaosfere Thank you very much! I was using this mod since the dev-1 release together with the Bush League Legends XCub Performance+ Mod and I love both of them! I already found a few of those "secret click spots", but to know it all I wanted to read the readme you are pointing out in your original post. But that link gives me a 404, unfortunately. Is it the same readme that is included in the Mod or is there more information I should know?
  11. Thank you very much! The Pilot's Guide is MASSIVE! This shows how complex those devices are and how much functionality is in there (at least in the real ones 😉 ).
  12. Thanks Graham, I will look out on GSX then 🙂
  13. Thank you for your reply. I hope someone will work on that in the future. It was much more immersive than the blue arrows 🙂
  14. In my FSX days (which was quite a few years ago, because I switched to DCS and other Sims before coming back to MSFS 2020) I remember I had an Add-on which added a Follow Me car / bus. It was there instead of the artificial markers on the taxiways and it adjusted its speed (to some extend) to how fast you were taxiing. I wonder if someone saw a mod or Add-on for MSFS 2020 which does the same?
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