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  1. @KL791 I just saw here that FBW would be happy to integrate Software of other Developers into their FBW Installer. I am not sure how you licensed GAIST, but if it fits, would be a convenient way for many users to get the latest and greatest of GAIST. I just updated my GAIST Installation from one of the other 2 sites you mentioned and I happily will do in the future. I just wanted to give you a note of what could be possible additionally, if there is interest πŸ™‚ Thanks for letting us use GAIST for free, it is an awesome package and I can see that you and all the contributors are putting a lot of love into it. I appreciate that very much!
  2. Since the in-game Marketplace seems to have its sale too now, I got myself a treat with Campout. Gotta relax a bit in nature after an exciting landing in the Bush πŸ™‚
  3. @burns This is for Axis & Ohs, not FSUIPC πŸ˜‰
  4. Now I wondered how you came up with L:CollectiveGrip, Percent. Stupid me forgot to do a "Scripting --> Read LVARS from Sim". The last time I did that was long before Helicopters were introduced. I put that on my Checklist now to do after each Sim Update or when I add new Aircraft πŸ˜‰ However, after Reading the LVARS from the Sim, I can find the "L:CollectiveGrip, Number" LVAR... but not hte Percent one you mentioned. But if I use this one, I have the same outcome. So I could have helped myself (gain) if I just let A&O read the LVARs from the sim! Anyway... how did you come up with the Percent one? You surely had another approach and it could help me in the future if I know how you found that one πŸ˜‰ Thanks for your quick reply Lorby, I appreciate that very much πŸ™‚
  5. Yeah, Collective is there just in the Axis selection. But I was not able to find the one for the throttle yet. The throttle in the Bell is on the front part (twistable section) of the collective. I think I will have to start the Dev mode in MSFS and search for the VARs that change when I twist the throttle with my mouse. There must be something πŸ™‚ Luckily the Throttle on a Helicopter is nothing you modify all the time when you fly one with a governor, so it is more for startup and shutdown procedures, so I was able to take it for a spin at least to see how it handles πŸ™‚
  6. Hi everyone, did anyone yet figure out how to map the Throttle of the new Helicopters (the Bell 407 in this case) to an axis? I tried all kind of Axis for Throttle, Prop and what not and did not figure it out yet. Any VARs I could look out for? Thank you very much πŸ™‚
  7. That is what I thought, adjusted it and it did not help... but... Now it clicked! Groupname-Scriptname... you did not just pick a random name for the Variable, it depends on how you create / name your Scripts! Silly me named my Script different than you did in your suggestion, that is why I could not figure out how that Variable can be filled at all. I changed the Variable to reflect my Group and Scriptname and now all comes together πŸ™‚ Apart from the LVar to BVar chapter, I only was on page 31 yet. I should have read quicker. Now everything makes sense. It blows my mind how much functionality you stuffed into Axis and Ohs. Genius! Thank you for your patience. I learned a lot and I think I got the basics now to further refine my Templates. One last question: A&Os crashed a few times today while clicking around in the GUI and 2 times when I stopped the Simulator. The Event Log messages sometimes show a .NET Stack, but I guess those are not super helpful. Does it make sense to send you information about crashes and if yes, what kind of information could help you when I encounter one?
  8. I start to feel really ashamed to ask. Your sample does indeed move the Lever now in the Sim. I also read the LVar to BVar part of the manual and was able to hook everything up so far. The only thing I do not understand yet ist what the (L:C208-Condition) does. From where does it gets its value? If I leave it like that and assign it to a button or axis, checking the LocalVariable via the Dev Mode, the Variable AAO_Fuel_1_Condition_Lever gets set to 0 and the "Condition_Lever_CutOff_1" variable is set to 2, which results in High Idle (no Idea why it is in reverse btw). If I change your line to: 0 (>L:AAO_Fuel_1_Condition_Lever,Β·Number) = that gives me High Idle with Condition_Lever_CutOff_1 set to 2 1 (>L:AAO_Fuel_1_Condition_Lever,Β·Number) = that gives me Low Idle with Condition_Lever_CutOff_1 set to 1 2 (>L:AAO_Fuel_1_Condition_Lever,Β·Number) = gives me Idle Cut Off with Condition_Lever_CutOff_1 set to 0 I am sure your thinking was that if I add that Script to an axis, the L:C208-Condition gets filled with a value when the Axis travels a Distance X. But I can not figure out how to fill the L: Variable with the values. I could, however, create 3 Scripts now and assign each to the Axis I want and make adjustments with the blue Triangles, but I have the feeling there is an easier solution and transfer values from axis movements directly to the L:C208-Condition variable, right?
  9. I did not dig deep enough yet, my first few attempts were with the Fuel Pump system and I tried to match them between A&O and the SDK Documentation. But then SimConnect probably exports them different than what is mentioned in the Documentation (or I use the wrong Documentation). One Example is here: https://imgur.com/a/m24v3c9 (Edit: I just found out that in the MSFS SDK what I need is not in the Aircraft Simvars Chapter, but in the Event IDs Chapter, at least I see matches there!) But since I can run A&O + the Sim in Parallel and can test every change as I make it in A&O, that makes it easy to try a few and see what happens. Much better than exiting into a Menu, change something, get back to the Aircraft etc. πŸ™‚ I have just seen your edit about the Reverse Toggle! Totally missed that. Another reason to dig into the Scripts. And what you suspect makes absolute sense. The reverse toggle should work for multi-engine Aircrafts too, so it is highly likely that it needs an index!
  10. Thank you very much for your samples. I will try that! And sorry, I was not aware that it works like this. I had the impression a button assignment within MSFS also just triggers one of the Variables, but in the last hour I also found out that the Vars from the SDK documentation are not exactly the Vars we have in A&Os (at least naming wise). There's a lot to learn! I have seen the LVar to BVar topic in the Manual, time to dive in I guess πŸ™‚
  11. I am currently running through all my plane types and try to configure everything I need. Condition Lever For normal single Prop planes, I mapped "Mixture 1" to one of my axis and can move the Mixture lever fine. When I switch to a Turbo Prop (like the 208), I expected the Condition lever to move with the same axis and setting, but it does not. When not using A&O, within MSFS I only configured Mixture to that Axis and it works for both Prop and Turob Prop planes. I also can not find something remotely named Condition or Cond in the A&O Axis lists. I am sure I am missing something and this is an easy fix. Toggle Reverse In MSFS default settings I configured 2 Buttons called Propeller Reverse Toggle and Throttle Reverse Toggle. It works like this: You pull back on your Throttle / Prop until idle, press the Toggle switch and then you advance the Throttle / Prop axis again and MSFS moves it back into the Reverse / Feather positions. To get out, you pull back on your Axis again and press the Toggle button. Within A&O I defined the PROPELLER_REVERSE_TOGGLE and THROTTLE_REVERSE_TOGGLE to 2 different buttons, but I can not get it to work as expected. No matter if I press the Toggle Buttons or not, the Throttle and Prop Axis always move in the same range (that is all above Reverse / Feather). Can I check in the Sim (Dev console?) if the Event gets even forwarded to MSFS?
  12. Maybe it helps other new users, because this cost me some time today πŸ™‚ If you set up your base Axis in A&Os and if you have pedals with toe brakes, you might also want to configure them in A&O of course. In my case (Saitek Pro Flight Combat Rudder Pedals) it was a bit different than expected. When you configure your Axis assignment for the Toe brakes, I selected "BRAKE LEFT / BRAKE RIGHT" from the simulator axis field. This did not work for me. Although A&O showed the movement of my pedals, somehow it did not get forwarded to the sim in my case. No matter if modded planes or default. Instead, when configuring the Axis assignment, I had to use the AXIS_LEFT_BRAKE_SET / AXIS_RIGHT_BRAKE_SET from the "simulator event" field. This could have worked right away without me spending another 45 minutes fiddling around with Axis Min / Max values, update values, reversing and what not if I HAD RELEASED THE PARKING BRAKE! Do it! I wondered why the pedals had erratic movement in the sim and it was all because I forgot to release the word not allowed parking brakes 🀣
  13. @Lorby_SI That fixed it! I have the screens back again in the CJ4! And by the way: A&O does not need to run for them to work. Awesome! Thank you very much πŸ™‚ Oh, and I got myself a License. I am not saying that to brag, I just want to let you know the reasons because I think it is important to let business owners know what drove a customer to buy that specific product: It was not an impulse buy, I am thinking about getting one of the Tools like that for a bit because switching planes means switching control schemes in MSFS. Also I have a lot of 3-way switches that I was not able to configure to my liking within MSFS. It was not this thread that pushed me to A&O, although it showed how you care, even for non-customers! I followed numerous discussions in the last weeks about A&O and similar tools. What I like is that you chime in here and there and give tips, but never make the impression you are marketing your product. Quite contrary. It seems important to you that everybody tries it first before buy to make sure it is for them. That makes you on one side look very confident that you have a good product and on the other side look like a very honest and respectable business man. A happy customer seems more important to you than another customer. There is no subscription! Really, I got a bit sad when I read the post of a guy who got another product, just to find out afterwards that he only has rented it for a year. I watched Videos about how it works before I downloaded the Demo and then spotted in the Demo that you added tons of more options and features to configure input devices. I saw that your product still gets improved and updated. That is very important for me, not only to get more options in the future, but a living product makes me confident that when the next MSFS update breakes something, there is a person behind A&O that cares and will try to fix issues. I read this thread and was really impressed by your responses. First you were confident that it is not possible to implement as a feature, but provided a workaround in form of a script, only to come back later: Oh, I had an Idea and put it into the next version! Providing a workaround would have been enough for everyone finding that thread and having the same issue. But then walking the extra mile to think about it again, finding a solution (and admitting that your first impression that it is not possible might have been wrong), implementing it in the next version and making your product better and easier to use in that process is next level development and customer care. Thank you for providing a great product to the MSFS community and running an honest and fair business πŸ™‚
  14. I think they are different enough for many to get both, and in my opinion they are not comparable. But for me it is the BAE only. I never do very long flights and the 737 will be very modern with a full glass cockpit as far as I know. The BAE has a bit of a vintage feel to me, which I like in the planes I fly and it seems to be more fitting to the shorter flights I usually do. IF I ever do a longer flight, I have the FBW A320 which is complex enough for something I might only do once or twice a year and the price is unbeatable. I think both planes are different enough that they will have their own target audience and some people will get both. Personally I would think about thoroughly what I really enjoy more and get the plane that fits my style rather than grabbing the first one that gets released. And IF you want to get the first one released, I would advise to get the first one released as a complete product, but that is of course just my opinion πŸ˜‰
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