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  1. I also have the same CPU @4.4ghz and a 1080Ti with a 4K monitor, 32 GB memory. With the Airbus and the Dreamliner i am always CPU limited, with the other aircraft i am not but GPU limited. Did you check it with these aircraft ?
  2. Why did they choose to release a new client version instead of a true hotfix ? Now i have to wait that different addons release a new version ... This updating process in P3D is really getting a little bit annoying. I appreciate the improvements but this is really cumbersome...
  3. But i do not think that X-Plane users would go to this site. So i think that the result does not represent the real distribution beetween P3D and X-Plane users.
  4. Would you be so kind to stop calling opinions about your product "mumbo jumbo'" ? This is a public forum and not a platform for your advertising.
  5. I agree. And i personally find it not very objective from AVSIM that Mr. Randazzo´s post was pinned on the front page. There was already a lively discussion on the PMDG forum. I do not see the necessity to post it again. Regards Christian
  6. Please mind that it is in a pre-alpha state so you are not buying an finished product as of yet. So i would not qualify the free updates as a feature Christian Vodak
  7. And there is also OpusFSI http://www.opussoftware.co.uk/opusfsi.htm Christian Vodak
  8. Please make sure you are informed about the functionality of SimStarter before making assumptions what it does. It does not throw in unwanted settings, only what the user told it to change.
  9. I do see the problem because deactivating the scenerys does not deactivate the multitude of elevation adjustment files in scenery/world/scenery. You have to rename them to deactivate them. This is something ftx central should do. It is really a shame that there is no option for it.
  10. The download links are not broken, you have to register on the site to be able to download.
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