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  1. My recommendation is to get the thrustmaster pendulum peddels. They are rhe best I've seen and used. They are fully adjustable and don't rotate around the center. I own them in my simpit and couldn't be happier with them. here is a quick video I just uploaded
  2. So I just came from a Saitek Cessna yoke. I've had 2 of them over the years. The first was a proflight yoke that failed after about 2 years. Then I upgraded or rather cross graded to a Cessna proflight yoke. Actually it was more of a downgrade. I like the thicker handle of the pro flight yoke but the Cessna yoke hade the look of the Cessna 172 that I grew use to when flying IRL. However both yoke had very little elevator travel, only 3 inches and vary week and sketchy feel. Not to mention the awful detent both in pitch and roll. I can't understand why the manufacturer thought it would be a good idea to have a detent. But I paid the $170 for each of then and you get what you pay for so I wasn't complaining. Last week I bit the bullet and bought a Redbird YK1 yoke. I was really struggling with this decision because I was thinking of going the Yoko yoke route. I had saved up $1800 over the last few months for a RTX 3090 but I was so discouraged by the low supply and scalping going on that I needed to look at plan B. So I ordered a Redbird YK1 instead of a Yoko because it was sticking in my head to go that way. They are used i FAA approved simulators so ill bite. I tried to find any reviews and the very few I read were mixed at best. I figured I would return it if it was not to my liking when I arrived. Well I am very impressed with it. The elevator/pitch travel is 6 inches and the roll is 65 degrees both directions. There is no detent on pitch or roll (thank god). Its very smooth and accurate. But the best thing is the feel. The feel of the force needed to push the nose down and keep the nose up during flare to touchdown is exactly how i remember when i was flying IRL. Its not force feedback but the spring mechanics built in are very realistic to real flying. I've only tested this out for 2 days in MSFS2020. I'm not using any of the in dim controls but I am using FSUIPC7 and using curves to get the twitchy pitch thing under control. I'm using a slope of between 7 and 10 in FSUIPC calibration. This yoke within MSFS2020 using FSUIPC feels authentic and makes flying so much more fun and enjoyable especially in VR. Also with the money I saved not getting a Yoko I've got some other goodies shipping now too!
  3. I’m on the road for a couple of days more and I’m looking forward to getting home and trying P3Dv5. One of the biggest complaints I had with V4.5 was the constant long pauses that seemed to be fixed along all of the ORBX region. For instance I cold take off from KBVS and fly direct to Concrete and there was a long pause waiting for me at the same point in route that would last 5 to 10 seconds in V4.5 Have these been fixed in V5?
  4. Wow this is what happens in p3d when the juddering starts. The compositor starts dropping frames like crazy and start ghost judders. Like I said I’ve tested driver 388.31 and this is the most stable driver for p3d in my experience. funny thing is when I exit p3d and go to oculus home it’s still ghost juddering. However in p3d if I take the rift off my head and place it on the floor for 10 seconds and then put it on again I t fixes the problem sometimes, but usually starts ghosting very soon after.
  5. Thanks this is very useful reading and is helping me figure things out. I was suspect of some of the Nvidia drivers.
  6. Yes I messed with ASW using the oculus tray tool and set my ASW to force Lock at 45fps. As I said I tested a 5ghz with all sliders to the left and I was getting over 100 FPS in sim and still got ghost juddering using the lates 400 series of Nvidia drivers. This also happens in other titles such as project cars 2. Even flyinside had massive ghost juddering using the latest drivers. I’ve also noticed using the performance heads up display for oculus that when these ghost judders Start happening the compositor starts reading massive frame rate increases but that’s what’s causing the juddering some how. The frame start dropping off like crazy in the hud to. My problem is I don’t understand the technology or the terms used in VR so I’m kind of making this up as I go trying to do the best I can to explain what I’ve seen and how I fixed it.
  7. This is just a general question because I have been experimenting with different settings trying to eliminate ghost juddering with my oculus rift. Everybody keeps telling me to go with the latest and Nvidia drivers, However there is a negative performance and stability issues with the VR just by getting the latest drivers. At least that’s what I have found. So far the best driver I have found that works 80 to 95% of the time is version 388.31. I am running an Nvidia GTX 1080 TI and Core I7 8700k hyperthreading off a 5 ghz. I have used both the oculus core 2.0 public data and the release versions both run the same. I have found that using the latest 400 series drivers from Nvidia causes instant ghost juddering. I even tested this with the 400 series with all sliders to the left in P3D 4.4. So I started my computer up in safe mode and do used Display driver UnInstaller and then reinstalled still in safe mode version 388.31. I was able to fly to A2A Bonanza from LAX to Catalina Island then to Santa Barbara to Palm Springs and back to LAX with no VR issues. Needless to say I had a big ring around my face but I also had a big smile too. I think that version 388.31 is the best driver for VR. Anyways what are your thoughts on driver versions and VR set ups. Currently in my settings are normal for autogen And I have my world details slider on the very top set to medium because Lockheed Martin has a bug with the simulator using a single pass. You can find that topic on the P 3-D forums at Lockheed Martin right here... http://www.prepar3d.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=6306&t=130505
  8. Here is the other fix for the spinning clouds. In you Prepar3d.cfg look for the CLOUD_FACING_MODE=0 and change that to 1. That with change how the clouds rotate. For instance set to 0 the clouds rotate based on you Head position witch is set by default. Set it to 1 on now the clouds rotate on you aircraft position. Flyinside once had this option for P3Dv3 but since removed it. On the setting of 1 you still get the barn door effect but the spinning is 100 times better than default.
  9. No the water would render differently in each eye in vr losing all depth perception as well as the clouds. Both of them in 4.2 look fine now. For example in 4.1 if you flew into a cloud as you approached it it look normal from a short distance but as you got ever closer your left and right eyes would separate as you entered the cloud. Thats about as clear as mud as I could describe the effect without showing it off. I made a post about it to LM before
  10. YES so far Im very impressed with the performance. I just flew through a spinning cloud (spinning i know) but my eyes didn't go cross-eyed because of how 4.1 VR render clouds clos up i need to check the water now. 4.1 had some very bad VR anomaly when looking and clouds and water
  11. Any thoughts on VR improvements and implementation...
  12. I know what your Problem is Warbirds It happened to me. The simple solution is to download the latest Nvidia drivers to your system. P3D wont recognize VR for some reason if you don't have a specific version and above...
  13. Will chaseplane ever be compatible with flyinside? Or the other way around. I feel that P3dv4.1 VR is much better than 4.0 but it’s still flickering in the left eye so much it’s painful for any length of time. But with flyinside I can fly any airplane with better smoothness. However I can’t utilize any thing in chase plane due to the cameras.cfg files need to be customized by both flyinside and chaseplane. Or maybe a longer shot would be to see if LM continues to improve the VR experience further so it’s on par with flyinside and that we can use menus in vr. I’ve cut my teeth on TrackIR for over 14 years starting with TrackIR 3 but now I can’t seem to go back since bitting from the VR apple.
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