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  1. Eurobelgian Airlines and fly Ocean Airline announce merger On the first view, one appears to be a solid number. But have a second view and you will face infinite opportunities. This is the spirit of Europe´s latest virtual airline group. This is the spirit of belOcean. From February 1st, Eurobelgian Airlines and fly Ocean Airline, two of Europe´s leading virtual airlines, will become one. Challenging traditional thinking and braking apperently solid boundaries is today´s only possibility to grow. At belOcean, we share this way of thinking and aim to establish new standards. We continuously strive to be a driving force and believe in new opportunities. It is our dream to offer an entirely new experience to pilots and promise to implement our dream in everything we do. Sharing is a key element of our new way of thinking and enables us new possibilities. As recognised brands, Eurobelgian Airlines and fly Ocean Airline will stay completely independent but share common flight operations and a single management. Still independent operating, we have the chance to use the individual advantages of each airline but work together, where strength is needed and where synergies lead to added value. By establishing a comprehensive network across Europe, we enable pilots to experience a different perspective and connect the metropolises of Europe with the world. From our major hubs in Brussels, Barcelona and Madrid, we offer a new outlook on the world, with over 80 destinations in more than 40 countries around the globe. Together with our partners of the GlobalOne Alliance, we will offer a world-wide network of passenger and cargo services and continue to grow, face new challenges and change the traditional way of thinking. And this is at last, just the beginning. Find out more at our website at flyeurobelgian.com/belOcean or fly-ocean.net/belOcean Still not enough? Follow us at twitter.com/flyEurobelgian and twitter.com/fly_Ocean
  2. BARCELONA, September 5, 2012 -- fly Ocean today officially announced a comprehensive fleet renewal program. The renewal program was finally approved by the executive board and will continue until mid-2013. Affected by the restructuring are mainly the middle and long-haul fleets of fly Ocean. fly Ocean repsonses with this step to the changing market conditions in Europe. In future, the airline relies on A320 and E190 series aircraft on all intra-European flights. For this purpose, eight Embraer E190-100 aircraft will join the fleet between September and October 2012, which were intentionally ordered for fly Ocean's subsidiary CityConnex. In the same period, five A320 series aircraft will leave the fleet. On long-haul flights, fly Ocean will increasingly rely on Boeing B777 series aircraft. The airline already operates eighteen B777-300ER aircraft and takes delivery of its first of eight ordered B777-200LR in mid-September. The fleet of yet eight A330 series aircraft - three A330-243 and five A330-343 - will be cut to a total number of three A330-343 aircraft. New services for new A380 fly Ocean now operates its new Airbus A380 five times a week on flights from Barcelona to Miami. The flight FO 271 departs every Tuesday to Saturday during the summer season until late September and complements the daily A380 service from Madrid to Miami. With the new winter flightplan 2012/2013, starting October 1st, 2012, fly Ocean will operate the A380 on a daily service from Madrid to Miami and three times a week from Madrid to Los Angeles. fly Ocean's A380 are equipped with six First Class suites, 50 Business Class lie-flat seats and 400 Economy Class seats, offering a total of 456 seats per flight. For more information about fly Ocean visit our website at www.fly-ocean.net
  3. BARCELONA - fly Ocean today announced the expansion of its European services. In a first stage, the airline will offer 19 weekly flights from Barcelona to London/City, two daily flights from Barcelona to Paris/Orly and Amsterdam as well as two daily flights from Madrid to London/City and Paris/Orly. These flights are operated by fly Oceans's regional subsidiary CityConnex, which will initially use three brand new Embraer 175 aircraft. The aircraft are equipped with 78 leather seats with a pitch of 32'' and will be used exclusively on CityConnex' international routes. During the next half year, CityConnex will increase its fleet by another three Embraer 175 and four Avro RJ100. The latter will be replaced at a later stage by brand new Embraer 190 series aircraft. With the gradual fleet expansion, CityConnex will fly to more destinations within Europe. Brussels, Dublin and Geneva, for example, are already scheduled for the summer flightplan 2012.CityConnex already operates two Fokker 70 on routes to the Balearic Islands as well as all Airbus A319 aircraft of fly Ocean. For more information about fly Ocean and fly Ocean CityConnex, visit our website at www.fly-ocean.net
  4. BARCELONA, 20OCT2011 -- fly Ocean announced today the launch of three new routes to Asia as well as two new routes to Australia. With the new winter schedule 2011/2012, which was introduced yesterday, does fly Ocean offer new daily services to New Delhi, Singapore and Melbourne. New Delhi is fly Ocean's first destination in India and is served with A330-300 and B777-300ER series aircraft. Singapore, yet just served from Madrid, will now additionally be served from fly Ocean's new major hub in Barcelona/El Prat. The service to Melbourne is the longest flight of fly Ocean and will be flown via Santiago de Chile, using B777-300ER. The flight out of Madrid is intend to continue to Melbourne using the same aircraft, whereas passengers coming from Barcelona need to change the aircraft. For passengers, traveling in First- or Business Class does fly Ocean provide a lounge access in Santiago de Chile as well as Melbourne.FO592 Madrid - New Delhi A333FO593 New Delhi - Madrid A333FO609 Barcelona - Singapore B77WFO609 Singapore - New Delhi B77WFO608 New Delhi - Barcelona B77WFO331 Madrid - Santiago de Chile B77WFO331 Santiago de Chile - Melbourne B77WFO332 Melbourne - Santiago de Chile B77WFO332 Santiago de Chile - Madrid B77WFO353 Barcelona - Santiago de Chile B77WFO331 Santiago de Chile - Melbourne B77WFO332 Melbourne - Santiago de Chile B77WFO354 Santiago de Chile - Barcelona B77WWith the arrival of another four A330-300, fly Ocean will also launch services from Barcelona to Hong Kong and Bangkok.Other Schedule Newsfly Ocean recently completed its airline reframing program and integrated its subsidiary CityConnex into fly Ocean. fly Ocean CityConnex operates now a fleet of two Fokker 70 aircraft as well as four A319-100 and is in charge of feeder flights from Spanish regional airports to its intercontinental hubs in Barcelona and Madrid. The Fokker 70 aircraft will leave the fleet by the end of this year and will be replaced by ATR72-212 turboprop aircraft.New Hub in MiamiAs part of the expansion program, fly Ocean has opened its first oversea hub in Miami. The airline based at first a single A330-200 in Miami, which will operate mainly connection flights for passengers on flights from Barcelona and Madrid to Caracas and Quito. As soon as fly Ocean receives more slots at Miami, the airline will base additionally three A321-200 series aircraft. In the medium term, fly Ocean plans to operate additional flights from Miami to San Juan, Bogota and Lima.Never heard of fly Ocean before? Check out our corporate information leaflet. All updates and more information at www.fly-ocean.net
  5. www.fly-ocean.net MADRID, SEPTEMBER 3, 2011 - FLY OCEAN announced today, that the airline will adjust its current business model for the benefit of the long haul services. “This is a significant step in order to keep the airline aligned to the current market situation,” said an airline official on Tuesday, August 30th, 2011. The airline justified this step with the large offer of services on the European regional market and that further expansions within Europe would make no sense. Recent statistics shows, that Europe has become one of the global hot spots for inter-regional long distance air travel. By an early expansion, fly Ocean tries to strengthen its own position in the market. The airline announced recently, that it will receive another two B777-300ER series aircraft by the end of this year. “The Triple Seven is an excellent aircraft and we are deeply contented with it. By the end of 2011, we will operate a total of 18 B777-300ER to over 20 destinations around the world,” said fly Ocean CEO Michael Stempfle. Cuts, Codeshare and (Hub)-Changes Following the realignment, fly Ocean will cease some of the current intra-European routes and store some aircraft of the Europe-fleet. Which of the European routes will no longer be served, will be decided within the next weeks. Not affected from the cuts are the routes from Madrid and Barcelona to political and economic centers, such as Brussels, Frankfurt and London. Simultaneously with the cuts on intra-European routes, fly Ocean does initiate a change in the hub-strategy. The airline switches stepwise from Madrid to Barcelona as its largest intercontinental- and long haul hub. “Barcelona El Prat is Europe´s fastest growing major airport. But more importantly, the region around Barcelona is the economical center of Spain. Therefore we will relocate the majority of our long haul fleet to Barcelona,” explained Michael Stempfle. Besides the realignment, fly Ocean enlarges its codeshare offers with a yet not named Australian carrier, which will offer connection flights to fly Ocean´s new service from Santiago de Chile to Melbourne. fly Ocean already offers codeshare flights from Brussels to selected destinations in Northern and Central Africa with its GlobalOne Alliance partner airline EuroBelgian Airlines. Looking for A330 and 777 Captains As part of the realignment, fly Ocean is currently looking for new pilots, especially Captains, for the A330 and B777 fleets. In order to help new pilots getting started, the airline introduced a flight hour transfer system. New pilots can transfer their flight hours from other airlines or online networks to their fly Ocean pilot career. Ab initio pilots need at least 100 verifiable hours of flight experience, in order to command fly Ocean´s long haul aircraft. viento Systems enhances Flight Operations System fly Ocean´s subsidiary viento Systems will update the currently used system with its new developed «Infinity One» add on within the next month. The system extension comes with advanced Pilot Briefing pages, including a full flight dispatch, load sheets and an ATC flight plan. For more information about fly Ocean, please visit our website or our twitter feed @fly_Ocean
  6. 12MAR2011fly Ocean Head Office Madrid / CityConnex Head Office Barcelonafly Ocean Chief Executive Officer Michael Stempfle announced today the launch of "CityConnex", a new product of fly Ocean for quick city connections. CityConnex will receive a seperate branding but is not a seperate airline with a own operator certificate and still a part of fly Ocean. Head Office of this division will be Barcelona El Prat. For the launch, CityConnex will operate at first two Fokker 70 and three ATR 72-212 aircraft. The key task of CityConnex will be the connection of Barcelona and Madrid with European financial capitals but CityConnex will also focus on a regional network between the Balearic Islands and the Spanish mainland. The flights will be operated under special fly Ocean flightnumbers and callsigns. The launch of operations is planned for April 11, 2011.CityConnex Routes:BCN-LCY | Fokker 70BCN-FRA | Fokker 70BCN-CDG | Fokker 70BCN-PMI | ATR72-212PMI-IBZ | ATR72-212PMI-MAH | ATR72-212MAD-LCY | Fokker 70BIO-LCY | ATR72-212 Soon available via www.fly-ocean.net
  7. fly Ocean L.A.V. Head Office MadridNovember 27, 2010fly Ocean has placed an order for eight new-built Airbus A319 aircraft. The aircraft will be delivered in a period of three months and will replace a part of the active E-170 fleet. The new, larger aircraft will help supporting the rising demand for fly Ocean's domestic flights and are used on high-frequent routes between Madrid, Barcelona, Palma de Mallorca and the Canaries.The aircraft are A319-112 aircraft and are powered with high-efficient CFM56-5A1 engines. All aircraft will have a two-class configuration with eight business class and 111 economy class seats. Furthermore, fly Ocean offers for the first time in the six years of active service the brand new fly Ocean InflightEntertainmentSystem (IFES) viento E7. This provides a large multimedia-offer and the ability to surf the world-wide-web.The first aircraft is planned to arrive on January 10, 2011. www.fly-ocean.net
  8. econair is ...Europe's new emerging virtual lowcost carrier. Besides the head office in Hamburg (EDDH) econair currently operates three bases in Frankfurt-Hahn (EDFH), Munich (EDDM) and London-Stansted (EGSS). econair is already one of Germany's leading virtual airlines. Now we finally expand into France, the UK and Ireland.A European route networkAdvantage of our virtual airline is the European route network and the purpose to expand into new and almost unique regions and markets. In the winter timetable 2010/2011 econair has 27 destinations in Europe and 2 in Africa. Already in the first half year, the network has increased by 7.4%. While our favorits, such as Ibiza, Faro or Gibraltar are the entire year available, do destinations, like Innsbruck and Salzburg, change to seasonal demands.A modern fleetThe workhorses at econair are B737-700 and B737-800 aircraft. These are powered with powerful CFM56-7B27 engines in order to have even in hot temperatures a good take off performance. The B737-700 aircraft are equipped with 149 seats, while the B737-800 has 189 seats.A realistic conceptOur aim is to offer all pilots the highest possible level of reality. For this reason econair has its own charts and procedures that will guarantee a smooth operation and fast turn-around times. Furthermore, our FlightOperationsCenter provides a economy-simulation with allows all pilots to earn flighthours and a virtual salary in order to reach a higher ranking. The system also takes into account fuel and ticket prices to reflect the profitability of our virtual Low Cost Carrier.Future planseconair has acquired a used B767-300ER aircraft and will receive a new-built B767-300ER aircraft in order to start long haul low cost flights in the near future. Additionally it is planned to expand in Paris-CDG, Leeds and Shannon. For more information visit us at flyecon.com
  9. fly Ocean Líneas Aéreas Virtuales Head Office MadridSeptember 26, 2010.www.fly-ocean.netWinter-flightplan bookableFrom September 25, 2010 until March 25, 2010 is the new flightplan of fly Ocean bookable for all pilots. "The new flightplan offers 426 flights to 58 destinations around the world and 17 destinations in Spain. It is the largest and the best coordinated flightplan in the history of fly Ocean Líneas Aéreas Virtuales.", said Michael Stempfle, CEO of fly Ocean yesterday in a internal pilotsannouncement. The flightplan offers more frequencies to more destinations around the world. Especially the new intercontinental-hub in Barcelona El Prat offers more then ten new routes to destinations in North-, Central- and South America. fly Ocean is now offering daily flights from Barcelona to Toronto, New York, Philadelphia, Mexico City, Bogota, Brasilia, Buenos Aires, Santiago de Chile and Dubai. In addition, fly Ocean offers five-times a week flights from Barcelona to Denver.In addition to the existing flights departing from Madrid, fly Ocean is now offering extra daily flights from Madrid to Vancouver, New York, Miami, Denver, Los Angeles and Singapore, as well as five flights a week to Boston and Bogota.New aircraft and a logojet ..To ensure further growth, fly Ocean has added two new aircraft-types to the fleet. The aircraft of the types E-170 and A330-300 are leased and are used on regional or intercontinental routes. The latter support the existing A330-200 fleet and will be used on frequent flown routes across the Atlantic.To celebrate the election of Ibiza to the "destination of the year," fly Ocean has introduced a Logojet. The A320-200 aircraft is based in Madrid and will promote fly Oceans "Destinatio of the Year."viento smartDispatchThe new fly Ocean project "viento smartDispatch" will be available for pilots as a first beta in December 2010. The system will provide up to 24hrs before a pilot departs important information about the flight. In the process, the system will provide more information, then common systems. So far no further information is known, since the fly Ocean Team remains silent. More information at fly-ocean.net
  10. On the occasion of the first game of the Spanish national team on June 16th, fly Ocean would like to wish the team all the best. All the more we look forward to our new South Africa 2010-Logojet. The B777-300ER aircraft will be used during the World Cup on the route Madrid - Cape Town. In addition, we opened a new seasonal route Madrid - Johannesburg. A heartfelt thanks goes to Ludwig Schirmer, the designer of our Logojet.More at fly-ocean.net
  11. econair - A new way of Lowcosteconair - brand presence flyecon.com - is Europe's new Low Cost Carrier.The virtual Airline is based in Hamburg, Germany and serves selected destinations in Europe.Our Bases: Hamburg-Fuhlsbuettel (HAM) Munich (MUC) Frankfurt-Hahn (HHN) London-Stansted (STN) Our Fleet: 3x B737-700 4x B737-800 Our Routemap:Click to viewMore information to come in the next press release ..econair - Comming on August 2, 2010
  12. I think this would not work. Pilots in reality do not choose their airline with "Do i like" and "Do i not like" (couldn't find a right word for it) factors as this is with the virtual airlines. I think virtual pilots simply would not like to be exchanged to a other VA. But I could be wrong at this point.
  13. fly Ocean Espana will operate all regional flights and a small part of the international flights with five brand new A321-200. Simultaneously with the absorption of the A321 begins the retirement of the A318. The new, larger aircraft will support the increased demand for domestic Spanish flights with more seats and higher frequencies. fly Ocean is for the first time able to offer a business class product on domestic Spanish flights. All aircraft are equipped in a two class configuration with 16 Business class- and 171 Economy class-seats and offer the fly Ocean Inflight entertainment system "Viento 9"."With the A321, we reach a new level of comfort and efficiency on all our domestic Spanish flights. I'm looking forward to the new aircraft and I am sure that, all our pilots will love the A321 as much, if not more than the A318." proclaimed fly Ocean CEO Michael Stempfle on board the A321 during his first test flight with the new aircraft.The first aircraft with the registration EC-JFE already landed on 04 March 2010 in Palma de Majorca and flew the first time today from Palma de Majorca to Madrid-Barajas. The four remaining aircraft will follow by the end of June.www.fly-ocean.net
  14. fly Ocean virtual Spanish Airlines is looking for a new Vice-CEO.If you're interested, we would like to welcome you in our team. Please ensure, that you fulfill the following criteria: You are at least 16 years old You're able to speak english You already have two years VA-experience You have fun on planning and calculating You're able to work in a team You have creative ideas You own a valid e-mail-adress We're offering to you: A great chance to start your virtual career You can bring your VA-Ideas to life You can be a part of the viento-alliance-staff What does a Vice-CEO do at fly Ocean?Our Vice-CEO planes in cooperation with all other staff-members the flightplans, routings and new destinations. He's also the Chief-Pilot and is able to influence the fleet-plannings.How can I apply?Please contact us via info[at]fly-ocean.net // replace the [at] by @www.fly-ocean.net
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