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  1. Oooops, I missed this post, Bert! I have the a2a V35 as well - and you're absolutely right, it's a great add-on, but for the ADI/HSI part, it uses Bendix King instruments, not the Aspen like Carenado does. So, I have rather installed the RXP Dual GNS430W, which is perfect for one of the two TB20s I fly (equipped with Bendix + Dual GNS430). 50% of the problem is solved, now I am looking for a EFD1000 + Dual GTN650 layout to simulate the other TB... 😉
  2. Well... there's a reason behind it: on average I fly real IFR only twice a months - the rest of the time being VFR, mostly as FI. That means once a month on each of the two TBs, which is barely enough to stay current. And I am still on the initial part of the learning curve with the GTN. So, practicing at home on a "high-fidelity" sim can be an effective way to feel more at ease once in flight. I've already experienced some unexpected behavior in leg sequencing, for example, and this - of course! - at the worst moment in terms of workload. I have also started a thread in another section: https://www.avsim.com/forums/topic/572672-right-set-up-to-practice-ifr-on-these-days/?tab=comments#comment-4204011 . It is specific to my situation, but hopefully other pilots/simmers can find the discussion interesting On top of that, I've spent a few years working on the development of Flight Management Systems, so, yes, I am quite interested in it (but I love basic old-style IFR too!). I will PM you, but I think you already sent me something in the past - you're always extremely kind and helpful, thank you very much for that!
  3. I see... it makes sense anyway - hoping that cross-fill will be available sooner or later
  4. Neither... what a pity! I will keep on trying - I am very close to the set-up I need to replicate one of the TB20 of my Flying Club (EFD1000 + Dual GTN650)
  5. Thanks Bert - just tried, but it doesn't work Still struggling...
  6. Hi Germano, I am trying to get the same layout as you (but with dual GNS indeed). I'm almost there, after several attempts, but I cannot use the units by clicking directly on the touch screen in the Virtual Cockpit. The workaround is using the 2D pop-up windows, but I would greatly prefer to work in the VC only - also because my desktop's monitor is actually a 23" touch screen, so it would be really amazing to interact with the GNS this way. Do you have the same issue/limitation? Andrea
  7. Thanks Frank, just tried it (not extensively yet) and it works!
  8. Hi all, I am aware about the lack of the cross-fill feature on the GTN650/750, as well as of the option of using a previously stored FPLAN (.gfp), created with some external software, to get the same flight plan on a dual set-up. My question is about flight plans created directly from one the two GTN650s, running (for example) in my wonderful A2A A35 (FSX): where are they stored (on the local drive)? And in which format? Details: I create a new route in the master unit, and from this moment on this new route shows up in the master unit catalog... but not in the other one! I searched for recently saved/updated files on my drive, but didn't find anything... the intention was obviously to copy/paste the file in some appropriate folder Any hints? Can this be a way to exchange routes between the two units without making use of any external software? This is not laziness... 😉 in real life, I program the GTNs directly during the engine warm-up Thanks - and sorry if the answer is already lying somewhere in this forum (I did spend quite a lot of time searching, but couldn't find anything concerning this question specifically) Blue skies! Andrea
  9. Hi there! In real life, I fly IFR on two different models of the SOCATA TB20: - One is a GT, equipped with an Aspen EFD100 + Dual GTN650 - The second one has a standard Bendix King ADI+HSI + Dual GNS430 Forced on ground by Covid-19 😓, I have no other solutions but using FSX to maintain IFR skills alive. But I am struggling to find the right aircraft + gauges mix in order to replicate at least one of the two sets above, in a virtual cockpit (I do not like 2D gauges) I have tried for now: - JustFlight TB20, Carenado A36, A2A A35 - RXP GNS430W, RXP GTN650, Flight1 Aspen 1000 Great stuff, indeed... but unfortunately, there is no way to get what I am looking for from these add-ons. It's even quite funny, because I only can get mixed results (i.e. EFD1000 + GNS430, or Bendix + GTN650) Does any of you fellow simmers have any idea on how to sort it out? Which add-on(s)? The aircraft itself is not the most important part - it can be a TB20 or any SE or ME with equivalent performances. And I am not afraid to do some coding (panel.cfg, xml...), if needed. PS on the Bendix TB20 there's a nice ADF mounted on an RMI - the ideal aircraft would have something similar; all the single piston IFR aircraft that I have seen so far (by Carenado, A2A, JustFlight...) show a basic ADF not combined with a slaved gyro compass... Thanks, and blue (real and virtual) skies! Andrea
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