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  1. Vaillant

    Failures question

    Thank you for the answer. Jeremy Laporte
  2. Vaillant

    Failures question

    Hello folks, Just a quick question. I have a few hundreds hours of flying the 737ngx with service base failures on and fs2crew. However, i never ever experienced a failure nor even needed to refill hydrolic fluids or fix anything. Am i doing something wrong? Does a sim crash reset the chances of failure? Thank you for your advices.
  3. You made my day! I waited for those file since over 6 month. thank you so much.
  4. can somebody direct me toward the missing files for version 2.To answer a previous post, I emailed meatwater many month ago without succes either.Sincerely,Vaillant
  5. Fede,Thanks that make more sense now.Well here is a call, anybody have a backup of the version 2 files????
  6. Fede80,Thanks for the answer. I'm just confuse because the file posted on this forum are the version 1. Meatwater created a version 2 and Avsim is missing (for now I hope) the 4 that I listed.If you were in the beta do you have the version 2 files or not. If not does somebody have them. I'm willing to host them if needed and I'm sure Avsim would be glad to have them back if then need them.I just can't believe nobody who ever use version 2 don't have a backup of them.Sincerely,Vaillant
  7. Is there a way for somebody to post the missing files from the Avsim Library of the version 2 of Meatwater's sound pack.It's a 10 files download and Avsim is missing: part 1, part 2, part 5 and part 7Thanks in advance.