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  1. I tried that and it still doesn't work. How do I uninstall the operations center?
  2. No, I've never used more than one monitor. Like I said when I check the task manager it does not appear to be running at all.
  3. Sorry about that. I'm attempting to lunch it from my desktop shortcut. I am operating Windows 7, the sim platform is FSX. I have used the updater and it says it's up to date. Thanks, Joel Marquez
  4. A few weeks ago I updated or it updated automatically, I don't remember... However it happened operations center no longer opens. I have tried running it as administrator and have reinstalled the 777 hoping it would reinstall operations center. I've checked the task manager to see if it running in the back ground and can't find any evidence that it is. I don't get any error messages, it just never starts. What else can I do to get operations center working again? Thanks, Joel
  5. Has anyone done Iceland Express, 737-700? I would really like to have it.
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