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  1. Hello community, after applying the hotfix the load manager does not update the load & fuel in the aircraft. I tried all scenarios. With/without admin rights, p3d running/not running. Always stuck to max fuel and max tow inside the simulator. Does anyone have a idea to solve this problem ? Thanks a lot ! Daniel
  2. I disconnected the Intercom but did not see that there is a "disconnect all" option. Will try now and report back
  3. Hi community, i´ve expierenced now two times, that the access door won´t close. After that i´m not able to engage GEN1 & GEN2. It happened both times at a stand were no push back is required. After reading the manual i triggered the internal push back to see if the "ramp agent" closes the door after the procedure, but no luck. Is there a way to close this door by myself ? Thank a lot, Daniel
  4. Thanks a lot guys ! Removing the Pins solved the problem. After all Pro seems to mean Pro :smile: Greetings Daniel Schneider
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