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  1. RickButler


    Hey Fred, I have been using it since I got the NGX, and it works very well (I think anyway, not like I am a real pilot or anything). Only thing I don't like about it is that it doesn't have the 600 in there.
  2. RickButler


    I have never had a problem with not putting a number in there causing the VNAV not to calculate (I have done it on rare occasion for short runways). Sure you aren't missing something else? But if that IS the case, put 1 degree higher in there, say your temp is 12 degrees, put 13 in should be a work around?
  3. RickButler


    It's the derate temp for the engines for takeoff. The higher the temp you set, the higher the derate (the less thrust they will produce). If you derate to much, you may run out of runway before you reach takeoff speed.
  4. RickButler

    Throttletek throttles

    Lord I would love to buy that, build a 737 sim pit actually........... But it would cost me 100 times that in the divorce alone, wouldn't have any money left for the sim pit, or the throttles.
  5. Yes, but back up your old one first, in case things go sideways on you