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  1. Hopefully the -200ER and all engine variants are still planned, as well as the ER variants of the 737.
  2. I had the same event except it was LFPG-KJFK and wx radar on, was at 3.9GB of VAS about 4 hours in.
  3. The first would likely be avoided if we had a thread somewhere that indicated the differences between the different licenses, or at the very least a link to someplace that we could access that information.
  4. I'm on the fence about this product. Can someone explain to me the benefit of moving to P3D with this aircraft?
  5. There is a better chance of Boeing producing a re-engined 757 than this thing every being released.
  6. A Virgin Australia preview would be much appreciated. ^_^
  7. Relax they're a part time company. They work approximately 1.5 days a year.
  8. Aloha...after all they did operate 1 738 for a very short time.
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