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  1. Here is another flight that I did from KPHL - KDTW. As you can see, the distances are significantly off. This flight was performed after I had run makerwys.exe This flight plan was imported from Simbrief.
  2. WOLFO RAMJT ETECK OZENA LANIE LURKS. I looked this route up on Flight aware. On the flightplan they all show a short distance apart. Ray, I ran MakeRunways.exe and I'm going to attempt another flight. I'll advise how it goes.
  3. While I was attempting a P3Dv4 flight from MIA-PHL today. I noticed that the distance to the next waypoint on the RCv4 screen was thousands of miles away. But according to my PMDG CDU, It was less than a hundred miles away. I've not had this problem in the 10 years that I've been using RCv4. Has anyone else had this problem? And what's the fix for it?
  4. Well, I feel like a fool. Thanks for the fix!
  5. This is the first problem I've had with FS2crew. I have PMDG 777 installed with FS2crew. Also have iFly 737 installed with FS2crew. Everything was working perfectly. I installed Aerosoft A318-319/320-321 Pro and FS2crew. Now I can't get any panels to open up on any of these aircraft. All the panels are installed, they do show in the panel CFG file and under vehicle-instrument panel on the tool bar. When I push the N button on the key board, the green band says that FS2crew has started. No panels show up. I'm unable to bring up any panel using the drop menu on the tool bar. I've uninstalled and re-installed FS2crew as well as the aircraft. Still have the same problem. Any solutions are greatly appreciated
  6. I'm hoping to find a livery for Alaska/Horizon E-175 for the Feel there E-jet v2 for P3D v4. I've done a search, and have not been lucky enough to locate anything.
  7. From what I've seen and read? I'm eagerly awaiting her release. Very nicely done PMDG
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