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  1. Install it in safe mode and don't use EMT (ie enable FSX). With the Eaglesoft installer you have to enter the simulator directory manually, so just point it towards your P3D2 directory. I just finished installing it yest. and it works perfectly, however my whole aircraft shut down during a flight today, and I'm unsure if it's a P3Dv2 issue or my (sloppy) flight management. Probably the latter.
  2. Mmartinov, same here. After all the lovely heavies, I'd love to see a nimble yet powerful modern jetliner with unconventional avionics. Short haul, for island hopping in Hawaii, or doing a short MIA-;MCO. Yeah the NGX can handle tihis, but nowhere as well as the 717- Personally I'm tired of seeing Boeing's good old FMC and Airbus' cdu (or whatever they call it) Give us a small plane! B717, Fokker 100, Embraer 170-195.. I hate to say this but only take the heavies our for a relaxed flight during the weekend - maybe, fiora good long hay sopin. Otherwise drung the week I have time to spare sped it all setting up the fabulous NGX, (which I adre) but its' all too... Boring... familiar. Now I am not putting down the NGX,m tge .and the 744, they are fantastic. I'd love a smaller commercial jet now. M. Harrisbusi9ness
  3. Crimtye, I own the aircraft you mentioned. It's good but kinda heavy. Chris, a PMDG Embraer would be amazing! The ones that are available now are well done (bit buggy) but they lack personality.Too sterile for my liking. Peter, you're lucky to have flown the 717, it's probably the last 3-2 configged we'll see,And the rear mounted engines are so cool. It has had maybe 20 operators (Hawaiian, AirTran, QF, Mexicana, Olympic now Delta) Aircraft these days are so boring. Long metal/CRFP tube with 2 engines. The Boeings all have the same philosophy, and Airbus planes are all identical. I think PMDG should consider developing a niche aircraft (Embraer, 717, CRJ, Fokker 100) and promote it heavily. Matt Harrisbusiness
  4. Hey everybody, I apologize - you're right I should have read the forum rules before posting. If you need my order number etc please let me know. I'm a very long-time PMDG customer. I lopve the MD series,There´s a company that makes a very good product with the MDs for FSX,, it's probably the most immersive plane our there. All those cranks and pulleys. Guarding her airspeed... Getting her to autoland is a challenge, I would love to see PMDG take on something like that. The B717 "seems" less complex than say the MD83. Ryan I love to take my MD11 out on short hops, and always wish for an MD95. She's a true dream to fly. I don't think that releasing an aircraft that has already been published by another company is bad practice.Especially since it was released a decade ago, like Level-D (but please, enough with the Boeings!) And I think that if a product doesn't do well in the market, it's not necessarily the product itself that's faulty (the MD11 is flawless). It's all about marketing and target audience,.With the MD11 every review I read marveled at the systems,, the complexity, the FMC/CDU hybrid. And they devoted maybe two lines to the actual flying experience. It was marketed as a flying circus, a complex jigsaw puzzle. A newbie would never buy something like that. QW has it right (sortof). You need to appeal to all markets. The irony is, PMDG ALREADY caters for people with less experience with the "Load panel state" option and the step by step manuals (not the encyclopedias, but the quick start guides . I'm not saying you should dumb down a plane for it to sell well, I'm saying that you should consider sending out the message -loud and clear- that anybody can fly it. WXXco does it all the time and their Embraers are NOT easy to fly. And, well, I'm rallying for the MD95 because I Iove eveything about her I'd love to see a PMDG DC-/-MD8X MD9X series. And the 717 is the perfect ship for people who have maybe 90 minutes a day to fly.She forgiving and basically -I think- probably very satisfying; I don't like to press 3 buttons and let the aircraft land itself, I'm after something challenging yet fun. Ok just my 0,2. Sorry again for the name thing Matt Harrisbusiness
  5. Hi everyone, My last post was quite rudely deleted for not using full name :rolleyes: No notification no nothing, So here I am, my name is Matt Harrisbusiness. The main message of my last post was: why can't PMDG design something different. I'm bored of Boeing. Don'y get me wrong, I love the NGX and the 777. I just dream of doing short hops with an MD95 ship and it marvelous avionics but it could be something different: Fokker, Embrar Anything with a PMDG stamp If marketed properly (ie lots of videos showing how relatively simple it is to fly, and maybe a different set of clips for the enthusiast. Just a thought. No offense but I'm not excited about the 744, it't another Boeing long haul ship with similar avionics as the 777 (and, inddeed, the NGX). How about a freh challenge? Matt Harrisbusiness.
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